Transformers: Fall of Cybertron audio logs & blueprints locations guide

Chapter 2: Defend the Ark

Audio Logs

1: At the beginning of the level, turn around and go around the corner on the right to find a small corridor. At the far end will be the audio log.

2: When you run into Warpath, go to the right side and enter the hanger. After the large explosion, go up the stairs and find the log on the far right side.

3: While you are protecting the nerve center door (the one with the bomb on it) a drop ship will swoop in and some Decepticons will rush in. After you clear them out, go to the raised walkway across from the door, to the corridor on the left of where you first entered. A door will now be open there with an audio log inside it.

4: As soon as you enter the door to the nerve center, make a left and go to the small room there to find the log on the right side next to some gears.

5: When you enter the large outdoor area, there will be the exit at the far side in the center, a moleculon cube to the left side, and a corridor on the right side that leads to a door and a fuse terminal. Grab the moleculon cube and take it over to the right side door and go through. The audio log will be sitting on the crate directly across from the door.

6: Once you enter the door from the previous large outdoor area, drop off the ledge to the ground below and take a few steps to the right to see the next audio log directly ahead of you, surrounded by several TV monitors.

7: When you reach Starscream and the shotgun Decepticons, go up the stairs, but before entering the next room, go to the right and around the corner to go up the ion lift to the ledge above. Follow it to the left and there will be a small opening on the right side at the far end across from the door there. Shoot the floor and drop down one level. Go to the left to find some weapons and goodies, and go to the right to find the audio log.


1: Photon Burst Rifle:

Once you talk to Perceptor, you will split up from the soldiers who were helping you. Once you do, you will find the first blueprint in the next room in front of a large red light.

2: Mark –O Orbital Beacon:

Just past where you first run into Starscream and the shotgun Decepticons, go up the stairs and then enter the room on the left. Optimus will moan about not saving the Autobots here when you enter. Go past the bodies and up the small set of stairs and continue to go forward, not right, to find the blueprints on the ground there.

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