Transformers: Fall of Cybertron audio logs & blueprints locations guide

Chapter 10: The Final Countdown

Audio Logs

1: Near the beginning, Megatron will need to hop over a wall to proceed. Once you do, continue going to the far end and jump to the upper platform to find the log in the corner.

2: When you reach the door you need to go through just after the cannons on the towers are firing at you, continue past and go to the end of the area to find an audio log under a firing cannon.

3: After the chat with Optimus, you will walk out to an open area from above. When you drop down, do so on the left side to find a dead bot and an audio log there.

4: After you square off against the Autobot Titan, a hole in the ceiling will open at the barred openings on the upper level against the wall. Hop up through the new opening and you will now be able to access the room on the other side where there is an audio log at the bottom of the stairs.

5: Once you reach the door that Laserbeak is opening, shoot it down and the final audio log will be to the right of the lever in the center of the room.



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