Transformers: Fall of Cybertron audio logs & blueprints locations guide

Chapter 6: Death From Above

Audio Logs

1: From the start of the level, stay low as you go through the third pipe. Once you do, the audio log will be on a platform in the center.

2: When you are flying with Blastoff near the beginning, you will make a left turn into a large pipe to blow up a door. Just before the door, on the ground to the right, will be the log.

3: When you encounter the Autobots and use your Shockwave attack, fly under the bridge and go to the far end to find the log on the ground near a column.

4: Once you open the large security door, and before you place the detonator on the next, go to the right and there will be a log inside the pod there.

5: When you enter the bridge to find the center support column, you will ride a lift downwards. As soon as it stops, follow the path and the log will be on the ground to the left.


1: Energon Harvester

When you first encounter the Autobots and use your Shockwave attack, go to the far end of the bridge and the blue print will be hanging off the first room you come to.

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