Transformers: Fall of Cybertron audio logs & blueprints locations guide

Chapter 3: Metroplex Heeds the Call

Audio Logs

1: The first audio log can be found just after crossing the bridge that Metroplex steps over. When you drop down to the lower ground, go to the right side of the area to find the log behind some pipes.

2: Just after the large battle with the Leapers, Metroplex will destroy the cannon and in the process open a path up a ramp. Just before you go up it, the audio log is in the ground to the right.

3: As you get to the first door you need to pry open, there will be an ion lift to the left of it that you can activate with the Moleculon Fuse found in the other side of the small area. Use the fuse to activate the lift and hop up to the breakable grate where the audio log is inside.

4: Just after the previous audio log, Metroplex will smush a gang of Decepticons with his hand. When he does, drop down to the second ramp below and you can find the audio log there.

5: As you enter the large area with the Marauder, the audio log will be on the far right side behind a column.

6: After the large outdoor battle, you will need to head inside with Warpath to get closer to the Second Warp cannon. When you do, there will be a large statue head that you help Warpath move. Once you move it, go to the right side of it to find an audio log stuck in the side of it.

7: When running through the corridor after destroying the second Warp Cannon, Metroplex will smash through and destroy some Leapers. Once he does, continue to the end of the corridor and go to the left to find the audio log there.


1: Ultra Power Core:

Just after the third audio log, Metroplex will smush a gang of Decepticons with his hand. Once he does, hop on the out-stretched piece of metal over the gap and walk all the way to the end of it. Once at the end of it, then jump and dash to the upper level. The blue print will be on the left side.

2: Chaos-Rift Combustor:

Once you cross the large open area to meet up with Warpath, there will be a downed drop ship that is on fire. Enter it to find the Blueprints on the ground.

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