Transformers: Fall of Cybertron audio logs & blueprints locations guide

Chapter 4: Eye of the Storm

Audio Logs

1: Near the start of the mission, you will need to activate your cloaking and take out a Decepticon. When you do, make your way to the right, down the ramp to find the audio log beside a dead robot.

2: After you operate the trash compacter by pulling the lever, hop on it when it comes down and then go forward through the opening. Go to the end of the corridor to find the audio log there.

3: After you face off against the Decepticon Securitybots, a gate will open and more Decepticons will come through. Go through that door and make your way to the right to find the audio log on the side of the passage.

4: Once you go up the large dirt ramp and drop down to go through another tunnel, follow it to the fork and make a right. Once you exit at the other end, you’ll find the audio log just as you leave.

5: After you make your way through the tomb quietly, you will finally come to a tunnel that has a fire burning behind bars to the left of it. Go through the tunnel but stick to the left and follow the path to come out to a small room with a statue. In the center of the room will be the audio log.


1: Subsonic Repeater

At the start of the mission, Jazz with open a path with his grapple to allow you to pass. Enter and on the left side of the long passage will be the first blueprint.

2: Corrosive Slime Cannon

When going through the waste disposal, Jazz will tell you to find a way upstairs. Go up the ramp and on the right side will be a bot with the blueprints at his feet.

3: V32 Cybr Corrupt@r

Once you pass the security gate (the green lights) in the tomb by going through the tunnel on the left side, go around the corner and the blueprints will be there on the ground.

4: Nucleon Charge Rifle

The final blueprint can be found when you enter the room with pods moving by on track. Wait for Jazz to open the door to the right of his position and then go through once he does. The blueprint will be just inside the door on the right side.

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