Transformers: Fall of Cybertron audio logs & blueprints locations guide

Chapter 8: Combaticons Combine

Audio Logs

1: When you exit the carrier by blowing open the door and are on the outdoor platforms, grapple across from where you exit and go up. Once on the platform there, turn and grapple to the next higher platform across from you to find the log there.

2: When you reach the lever to unlock the ammunition covers, the audio log is on the level below the switch and just to the left in the corner.

3: Once you explode the shells for the cannon, you will then need to make your way to the other side of the transport. When you reach the back of it, the log will be on the catwalk just before the burners on the right side.


1: A-4 Pulsar Cannon

When you are outside of the transport and you need to use your grapple to extend the bridge, cross it and at the other side before going around the corner will be the blueprint in a pod.

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