The Other Boleyn Girl

Pity poor Eric Bana. In shooting the new historical drama The Other Boleyn Girl, he’s had to suffer through love scenes with not only Natalie Portman, but also Scarlett Johansson (though not together, so he can’t quite claim to feel Kevin Bacon’s Wild Things pain). We really feel for him, and that feeling is burning, seething jealousy.

But enough about our repressed rage, The Other Boleyn Girl has a trailer and it’s online now. If you’ve been watching anything of The Tudors, you probably know what to expect – lush costumes, a buff, younger Henry VIII and lots of sexual intrigue. We can’t speak to historical accuracy (it is, after all, based on Philippa Gregory’s novel), but, um, the costumes look nice?

Why not have a look here ?

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