Who is Bo Katan? The Mandalorian character who previously appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Bo-Katan in The Mandalorian
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The Mandalorian season 2 introduced a distinctive-looking character this week. For many, Bo-Katan will be an unfamiliar face, one saddled with a lot of history and insight into Mandalorian culture – but nothing more. For some, however, it’s the much-anticipated live-action debut of one of the most interesting characters in the wider Star Wars universe.

Spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2, episode 3, Clone Wars, and Rebels follow...

So, who is Bo-Katan? First introduced in The Clone Wars series, Bo-Katan was the sister to the Mandalorian homeworld’s ruler, Satine. Unfortunately, the two didn’t play nice – with Bo-Katan joining the radical Mandalorian group, Death Watch as a means to return The Mandalorian race to its more battle-heavy heritage.

Death Watch ended up joining forces with a certain Darth Maul – to Bo-Katan’s disgust. Eventually, though, she reluctantly allied with Maul and his sister Savage Opress to help take over her home planet, Mandalore. Civil War ensued and Bo-Katan later found herself aligned with the Light Side of the Force and a certain Ahsoka Tano to help take down Maul.


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Bo-Katan played an integral part in reclaiming her homeworld in the Siege of Mandalore and was also named Regent by the Jedi – a role she rejected.

Later, in Star Wars Rebels, she comes in to contact with a fellow Mandalorian, Sabine Wren, who helped unite the clans of Mandalore and rebel against the Empire. There, Bo-Katan had the legendary Darksaber weapon bestowed upon her but this was taken from her off-screen in The Great Purge (where the Empire attempted to wipe out the Mandalorians) and Moff Gideon now has the weapon under his protection.

Clone Wars

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Of course, if you know where The Mandalorian sits in the Star Wars timeline, a lot of that is ancient history. Decades have passed – Bo-Katan is at least 50 in The Mandalorian season 2 – but she’s continuing her trajectory in her fight to finish off the Empire. 

The third episode already confirmed she’s heading for a collision course with Gideon, thanks to Mando’s help – and it’s likely her and Din Djarin’s paths will cross at least one more before the season is over. The full backstory, of course, lies in the complete series of The Clone Wars and Rebels, but her future is left tantalisingly unwritten. If you want more on Bo Katan, check out our piece on the essential Clone Wars and Rebels episodes to watch to fully understand The Mandalorian.

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