Tearaway collectibles guide

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Red Presents

The first present awaits right by a house you'll see just after the waterfall where you start the level.

The next present is on a ledge to the far right after your first big battle with Scraps. You can easily miss it, so be sure to look for the "red carpet" ledge.

Head up the ramp after you find the big mushroom and glance to the right to nab the third present.

After another epic battle with some Scraps, head all the way to the back walls to the far right and another Red Present awaits.

Probably the trickiest Red Present yet awaits in a far-off meadow. Head over the bridge then make a left. Bounce yourself across the three drums - this may take a few tries - to claim it for yourself.

The sixth and final "real" Red present is on the far right in the grass right after you open the third door.

Blue Presents

The first blue present is at a gravestone in front of an old house. You'll need to take a picture of the house using the black and white filter, which reveals several ghostly figures sitting on the porch. Snap the photo and the present is yours.

The second, and final, blue present waits for you near a lonely rock. Pick up a pebble down below and bring it to him to open it.

Papercraft Photos

The first photo reveals itself at the very beginning of the level. Look out for the white tree in the background and snap the picture.

The second photo is a colorless mushroom sitting in the forest, next to its very purple buddies. Take its picture to bring it back to life.

The third photo is an apple that you'll see off in the distance. Take the picture and restore its color.

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