Tearaway collectibles guide

The Traveler

Red Presents

It takes awhile to get to the first Red Present, which is incredibly well-hidden. After using the tilting jump pads about halfway through the level, you'll notice a ledge on your right with some confetti on it. Jump all the way up to it, then follow it around. You'll see a Pong/Breakout hybrid game! Using the right stick, bounce the ball 15 times to knock down the wall to your right and claim the Red Present.

The second Red Present is much easier to spot, on another ledge on your right. Using the bounce pads, bounce up and over to it and grab it.

The third and final Red Present of the level may be the most confusing to get in the entire game. You'll see it almost on the opposite left side as the second Red Present, sitting tantalizingly on the top of a ledge. A box with a tilt indicator sits right in front of it. You need to walk into the box, then turn your Vita upside down! That will raise the box and let you step out and grab it.

Blue Presents

The one and only Blue Present awaits after speaking to a squirrel who asks you if the challenge to grab it is too complicated. It's quite easy, in fact. Move to the L-shaped bookshelf on the left of the screen, then use your finger to shove the shelves out of the way. Duck behind them as they move then run behind the end shelf to claim your prize.

Papercraft photos

The first Papercraft photo is right at the start of the level, a ghostly white object on your left on top of a bookshelf. Take its picture to see that it's a Green Man.

The second Papercraft photo is also early on, this time a giant white snowflake on the right side of the hallway. It's easy to spot, so take its picture and keep moving.

The third and final Papercraft photo of the level is easy to miss, since you're likely concentrating on moving your Messenger friend through the maze. About halfway through, you'll see a large white sunflower on the top of a bookshelf on the right side. Take its picture to complete your Papercraft collection of the level!

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