Tearaway collectibles guide

The Barn

Red Presents

Once you draw your first pumpkin, tucked away along the path on your left is the first Red Present in the barn. Blink and you'll miss it!

The next present awaits after you manipulate the ramps you roll through. For starters, get yourself to roll all the way to the left. At the end of the left path a present awaits.

You'll soon learn the rolling mechanic. When you do, smash the boxes holding the ramp in the middle, then head up to do battle with some Scraps. After you take them down, follow the bridge all the way to the left and jump to get your present.

Now go back then all the way to the right. A present awaits on the platform.

Once you battle the scraps on stilts and get the elevator to give you a lift, you'll notice a ledge with a man standing on it. Walk on it to the mousehole, then roll in. Not only does a Red Present await, but there's also a Papercraft Photo there as well.

Head out of the mousehole area and go to the right. You'll see a bouncing area blocked by boxes. Knock them over to reveal a room holding a present for you.

Next, head out of that room and go all the way to the right. You'll see a bounce pad with a rock on top of it. Without getting crushed by the rock, tap the bouncepad without standing on it then quickly hop on and bounce again before the rock lands. This will lift you up to the area above, where a red present awaits.

You'll battle some more scraps in a couple of areas. Once you have, notice the bridge all the way to the right of the room. Bounce yourself up and follow the bridge to the present.

This one is tricky! When you're on the moving conveyor belts, notice the mousehole on the second one. Roll into it to nab a present.

The next set up belts lets you hop on one heading up and to the right. Grab that to get up to the top platform where a present sits.

Blue Present

The one and only blue present in The Barn is awarded to you by a mouse you'll find far to the right after you take the elevator. All you need to do is roll through all the cheeses around him to stake your claim.


The first photo waits for you in the form of a giant white cylinder you'll see after you lower the weight with acorns. Snap its photo to bring back its colors.

Off to the right in the area you reach after the second series of weights and pullets sits a sad pumpkin that has no color. Take a picture and bring it back to life.

Almost immediately after you learn how to roll, you'll see a white silhouette of a man standing underneath some of the bridges. Take his photo before you start to knock through the boxes to lower the ramps.

The same mousehole that contains the fifth Red Present also has the last Papercraft Photo, a mouse that will be very happy to be brought back into the world.

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