Tearaway collectibles guide

Gibbett Hill

Red Presents

The first red present sits directly on top of the Blue Present stamp you see once you first cross the bridge at the bottom of the summit. To reach it you'll need to climb up a level, then walk all the way to the right to claim it.

The second red present sits at the far right of a platform you can access right after you toss the pumpkin head on the scarecrow body the second time.

The third and final present is tucked away at the end of a ledge you'll find at the far left after your third and final battle with the Scraps.

Blue Present

As soon as you cross the bridge that unfurls at the bottom of the summit, you'll see a blue present all the way to the right. Walk up to the man staring at the stamp right above it to talk, then decorate it any way you'd like to receive the blue present.

The second blue present awaits after your biggest battle yet with the Scraps. You'll need to pin yourself with the face of a squirrel to claim it.

Papercraft Photos

A white elk stands along the path near the bottom of the summit shortly after you begin your journey. He laments the fact that his coat is not distinct. Use confetti to purchase some new filters, then snap a photo to give him a new coat that will make his elk friends jealous!

As you near the top of the summit, make a right after one of the combinations of folding sliders to see a white torch saying "I'm extinguished!" Take his picture to bring his fire back.

Even closer to the top, you'll see an obviously shivering man begging you to take his photo. Do so and he'll be much happier!

Right next to the final blue present, you'll see a giant white structure. Take care of the Scrap that emerges, then snap the photo for the fourth and final photo of Gibbett Hill!

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