Tearaway collectibles guide

The Tear

Red Presents

The last, lovely level of the amazing Tearaway has a dozen (!) Red Presents. The first is easy to spot, just a few hops and jumps over a few tricky floating rocks to your left right after the start of the level.

The second Red Present is at the opposite side of the first, down a few more rocks and to your right at the top of a ledge on a floating island.

The third Red Present awaits down and to the left, forcing you to hop on a series of floating islands to nab it.'

The fourth Red Present is off to the right, also on a floating island accessed by hopping over a series of islands in the sky.

The fifth Red Present is tucked away on a ledge you have to find by making a right at a fork in the road of sorts on your journey. Cascade down the rocks to the right then head to the ledge and it's yours.

The sixth Red Present is really easy to miss. After you roll down the first set of pink ramps and bounce to the area just before where the first (and only) Blue Present is, there is a gap between the two big rocks. You won't see it unless you take our your camera. Walk through the gap to find a Red Present waiting for you on the other side!

The seventh Red Present sits on a raised area just above the first Blue Present. Use the jump pad to get up and nab it.

The eighth Red Present sits just above and to the right of where the squirrels play with the pumpkin head. Grab it before you return below.

The ninth Red Present is also easy to miss. After you take care of all the Red Presents above, you roll down a couple of pink ramps. After getting to the end of the second one, stop and look at the bottom of the screen. You'll see a floating rock that, once you jump on it, will lead you to a path which has a Red Present at the end of it.

After continuing on some tilting platforms and ramps, you'll come to a place where another Messenger stands high above you on a rock. If you take out your camera and look around, you'll notice a pink ramp that can be unfurled (but it's hidden away if you don't do this). Unwrap it and roll to the end, where a very well-disguised Red Present awaits.

The eleventh Red Present is another devilishly well-hidden gift. After rolling down the tricky ramps after nabbing the tenth Red Present, you'll find yourself on a platform with a spinning planet next to it. Hop on the planet's ring and ride it around to the ring of a planet right next to it. Ride that one around to see a Red Present waiting for you on a rock.

The twelfth, and final, Red Present of the level is also in the cosmos, this time at the end of a path you hop over to the right of the two planets you spin manually to get across. After you land on the second one, look to the right and take the path to nab the last Red Present of Tearaway.

Blue Presents

The one and only Blue Present of the level is yours once you nab the pumpkin scarecrow's head that's being tossed around by a bunch of mean squirrels. Use the jump pads to hop up to where they toss it around, then grab it and head back down. Deliver it to your friend and the Blue Present is yours.

Papercraft Photos

The first Papercraft Photo is right at the start of the level, a ghostly white butterfly fluttering in the wind. Take its picture to bring its wings back to full color.

The second Papercraft Photo is a pine tree that you'll also see at the very start, sitting giant and white on a floating island directly in front of you.

The third Papercraft photo is very easy to miss, as it's spinning around on a rock that most would never see. It's between the first Blue Present and the path back. Stop and take the picture in the moments when he's visible!

The fourth, and final, Papercraft photo is of a basketball hoop, standing lonely waiting for someone to restore its color. Snap a photo and bring it back!

I hope you loved Tearaway as much as I did. It's an amazing, beautiful experience that is easily on of the most delightful games you can play on any platform. Thanks for reading the guide!

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