Tearaway collectibles guide

The Harbour

Red Presents

You'll see several Red Presents as soon as you start to walk on the long narrow bridge from the entrance to the lighthouse. The first one is at the base of the lighthouse.

The second Red Present is just below and to the left of the bridge to the lighthouse.

The third Red Present is in a house you walk through, hidden behind a peel-away wall that lets you hop up and nab it.

The fourth Red Present is all the way at the end of the pier to your left if you're looking up at the tavern.

The fifth Red Present is to the left of the tavern entrance, tucked away in a corner.

Blue Presents

The first Blue Present awaits once you choose to make the dreams come true of a vertigo-suffering town dweller. He'd always wanted to see the view from the top of the lighthouse but can't due to his affliction. Head up to the top and take a picture using a wide-angle lens that you can purchase with some confetti to claim it.

The second Blue Present is yours once you properly dress a squirrel then take his picture with one of the foregrounds available to you.

Papercraft Photos

The first photo is one you can spot from the bridge to the lighthouse, an oyster that's solid white. Take its picture to restore its full color.

The second photo is of a buoy out in the water that has no color. Take its picture and it will become like all the other buoys.

The third photo is one that you can't get unless you first get the Squeezebox available in The Lab. So if you haven't done that, go ahead and move on then re-visit the Harbour when you've acquired it. With the squeezebox, use it on the pinwheel to get access to a hidden room with a Chief Scientist in it that needs his picture taken.

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