Tearaway collectibles guide

The Lab

Red Presents

Before you go into the lab, take a walk by the trees to the left of it. You'll see the first Red Present waiting for you.

The second Red Present can easily be missed. After a battle with a series of scraps, you're in a room with a giant fan on the floor. Use that fan to float up to a ledge where it awaits.

The third Red Present is also tricky. After you use the squeezebox to make a bridge extend, check out the ledge to its left. Walk around it to find a Red Present tucked away.

The fourth Red Present is a little easier to find. The area where you push the blocks to avoid the fans contains one to the far left.

Blue Presents

The first Blue Present is available before you go into the lab. A man stands next to it and lets you know that the butterflies will land on your head if you stand in a certain spot. Take a selfie picture then give it to him; in return, the Blue Present is yours.

The second Blue Present is halfway through the lab, where a scientist lets you know that the monsters aren't so bad - they just like to play. Let the monster throw three rocks into each of the three goals by standing there then hopping out of the way. The Present is yours for the trouble.

The third Blue Present is yours once you dress up an anxious scientist with a tie. Simply grab one from your box of stuff, and you're good to go.

Papercraft Photos

The first picture is of a scientist in the first part of the lab. He's working away but is completely white. Take his picture and he's as good as new.

The second picture is of a computer well into the lab, up on a second level that you could miss if you're not careful. Take the picture and all of its parts are restored.

The third picture is of a giant squeezebox in the distance while you're bouncing around the bongos and squeezeboxes near the end of the level. Take its picture and it gets all the colors back.

The fourth picture is of a giant white chair in front of the fireplace in the Chief Scientist's office. Take its picture to complete all four of the Papercraft Photos in The Lab.

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