Tearaway collectibles guide

Maypole Fields

Red Presents

All three of the presents are easy to find once you've gone on your pig ride. The first is on a boat right in the middle of the river when you enter the fields.

The second is on a tree stump that you'll need to access by climbing up the steps behind it then darting through a hollowed-out log.

The third is tucked away behind a giant pumpkin on a platform at the top of the river.

Blue Presents

There are two blue presents waiting for you here, both on the path to the left of the fields just after the waterfall. Up first is an elk with an affinity for ladybugs. Use your confetti to find a ladybug decoration, put it on the elk's side, and your present awaits.

The second is almost as easy to get. Simply speak to its guardian, who asks you to gather and toss three gophers in the exercise cage. Find them, throw them in the cage, and you're good to go.

Papercraft Photos

There are four photographs to be taken in Maypole Fields. The first will be on your left once your pig ride is complete and you've entered the fields. A leaning, white tree will be restored once you take its picture.

The second is easy to spot - a giant, white carousel that springs to life when you snap a photograph.

The third photograph is behind the barn, a stalk of wheat.

The fourth is a giant stonehenge-like object that's just after the gopher blue present challenge.

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