Tearaway collectibles guide

The Caverns

Red Presents

The first Red Present is on a ledge to the left you can access once the fan is free of the Scrap. Head all the way to the edge to grab it.

The second Red Present is tucked away in a corner of a room you can access once you defeat the Scraps and the "portal" holes open up.

The third Red Present is actually two prizes at once - a Present and a Papercraft Photo. You can easily miss it! Make sure you head to the right at a "fork" of sorts right after you get off the paper pipes, then hop over the two wooden planks to grab it. Take its picture then unwrap!

The fourth Red Present is at the top of a platform you can access right before you battle two Scraps. You can easily miss it if you're not careful.

The fifth red present is on a platform all the way to your left as you're making your way up the pinwheel-powered fans. Be sure to follow the path to nab it.

The sixth and last Red Present awaits at the top of a rock to the right you can access on the third movable bounce pad. You'll know it's the one because it contains the bounce area in addition to the movable fingerprint.

Blue Presents

The first Blue Present is tricky to find. When you're walking along the pipes, be sure to head back and to the right, then pop up to an opening further to the right. There you'll see a squirrel who's afraid to retrieve his soccer ball across a dangerous series of boxes suspended in air. Make the trek, grab the ball, and deliver it to him so he and his friends can resume their game and you get your reward.

The second Blue Present can also be missed unless you're careful. At a point where there's a pinwheel in front of you and a path to the right, take the path to find a "mighty" gopher who wants you to prove you can make it across. Tap the front screen to make the stalactites fall into place, letting you easily hop over to claim your prize.

Papercraft Photos

The first photo is of a scrap who bursts out of a locker. While battling his friend, be sure to snap his picture.

The second photo is also the third Red Present, so check that out above.

The third photo is of a docker out on an island. Take his picture and restore his color.

The fourth photo is easy to find, as it's right on your path. A Wendigo is trapped in a cage. Take his picture, then free him to help you battle the Scraps.

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