Super Mario Galaxy 2 Stars Guide


51: Follow me, Bob-omb!
Once you get to the glass case, have the bob-omb inside follow you along to the glass jar inside and explode.Head inside and continue to the far launch star and to the end of the level.Use the blue stars to grapple to the star.

52: Come here, Topman!: Hidden Star:
Once you are up on the purple platform after using the bob-omb to escape the glass case as you did in the previous mission, there will be a Gearmo that wants a red topman.Head back to the start of the area and lure one to her for the hidden star.

53: Top of the Topman’s Tower:
Climb up the rotating blocks using the pads to slow down time.Once at the top, spin hit the Topmen there and then bounce on the Spring Topman that appears to get the star.


54: Silver Stars pop-up:
One you grab all 5 pieces of the star from the rocking moon, head to the folding house where you will need to hit the button to raise it.Avoid the Boo’s and grab all 5 silver stars to get the final gold star.

55: Star in the Sinking Swamp: Hidden Star:
Just like the first time through the swamp in the previous level (Silver Stars), instead of jump through the travel star while on the pink platforms, continue to ride them through to the end where a star will be waiting for you.

56: Haunting the Howling Tower:
Once you get out of the castle, use the boo power-up to float through the house to the top level where three ghosts float in a circle. Once you slip past them, the star is yours.


57: A Walk on the weird side:
Traverse the rooms that switch back and forth from right side up to upside down all the way to the end.The star can be tricky to grab, but can be done by timing your jump correctly to the gravity switch.

58: Burning Upside Dizzy: Hidden Star:
After entering the green pipe near the start of A Walk on the weird side. Help Gearmo with another clean up problem and the star is yours. You have 20 seconds to break an assload of boxes for her. The best way is to clear a path so you can take out whole rows with one fireball at a time.


59: Squizzard’s Sandy Sinkhole:
It can be a tough level to get the star.The beginning is easy enough, but once you get to the slide, it gets tricky.Pass that and then give Squizzard a mouth of fire and the star is yours for the taking.

60: Sailing the Sandy Seas:
Ride the sand made boat of sorts and watch out for the Magikoopa’s that appear. Take them out and avoid the cacti that destroy parts of your boat.Once you get to the end, avoid the Chomp, jump off the boat when you are close enough to the end platform and grab your star.

71: Squizzards Daredevil run: Prankster Comet
For this you will just need to face off against Squizzard once again.Only catch is – you can’t get hit once.If you do, you die.Keep on the stones and keep firing the fire balls.Grab the star on your way out.


70: Prince Pikante’s Peppery Mood:
Make your way over the lava pit and the ice after you hit the large button.Then head up the many rock platforms to the travel star there and to the next section of the mission.Skate between the lava pools and across the ice patches after knocking the fruit back at the enemies that are firing at you.Jump to the small planet and then to the boss. Knock his green balls back at him three times and get your star.

72: The Chimps Ultimate Skating Challenge: Hidden Star:
When you reach the first travel star on Prince Pikante’s Peppery Mood, there is a pipe right behind it. Enter it for a showdown with The Chimp.Beat his score of 600 points and get the star.

93: Octo-Army Icy Rainbow Romp: Prankster Comet
For this you have 30 seconds to knock over 30 Enemies. While it is easier than the spiny one, the ice can make things difficult.Not skating actually made it easier, but they may not be for everyone!


94: Fluzzard’s Wild BattleField Glide
This is a pretty simple and straightforward star to get.Almost easier than the previous flight level. Simply make it to the large circle at the end to claim your prize. If you want the comet coin, hit the 5 arches to free it at the end.

95: Fastest Feathers in the Galaxy
Another Fluzzard race! Keep your cool and use the dive as much as you can to get your speed going.A win takes the star.


61: Bowser Jr.’s Boomsday Machine:
Once you land, have the bullet follow you to the glass case.Break it and then fire over to the platform.Once you hop in the gun again, fire to the target and then use long jumps to go from red to blue platforms. Grab the cloud power up and long jump again off the edge and hit the top using clouds.Fight Bowser, break his cockpit a few times and grab the Grand Star.

120: Boomsday Machine Daredevil Run: Prankster Comet
Another daredevil run, but a little different this time. It takes a little build up to get to junior, but when you do, the battle is the same. Hit him in the cockpit to get the star.

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