Super Mario Galaxy 2 Stars Guide


24: The Floatacious Blimp Fruit:
Using the blimp fruits, float your way to the top of the second tree house with yoshi to grab your prize.

25: Tall Trunks Big Slide:
Ride the slide all the way to the end for the star. Can get tricky but it’s fun!

100: Tall Trunk’s Purple Coin Slide: Prankster Comet
Slide your butt down the large slide and snag 100 purple coins on the way. There are more than 100 to grab, but it will be close. Make sure to watch the jumps and the spikes along the way.


26: A Glimmer of Bulb Berry:
You can find this star at the top of the book case after the bulb fruit run. Now you have Luigi to use on different galaxy worlds.

30: Sneakng Down the Creepy Corridor:
Just run to the end of the carpet eating corridor avoiding boo’s. a little harder than it sounds, but once you complete it, the star is yours.

44: Spooky Cosmic Clone Chase: Prankster Comet Coin
Simply out run the clones and hop over the floor holes till you reach the end.


27: Head in the Clouds:
Use the Cloud power up to reach the end of the level where the star awaits. Very straight forward, except for the Luma just after the giant symbol that allows you to go to a hidden star.

29: The Shadow Lining: Prankster Comet:
Run to the end without letting the shadows of yourself catch you.

31: Silver Stars in the Purple Pond: Hidden Star
Collect 5 stars from the clouds after pleasing the luma wanting 30 gold.


32: Bowser on Ice:
Find thestar in the second Bowser statue after smashing it apart.

33: Sorbetti’s Chilly Reception:
Kill the boss by hitting his red nose to get the star.

34: The Chimp’s Skating Challenge: Hidden Star:
Take the Chimp’s skating challenge from the hidden pipe under the snow covered tree to the bottom of the hill.


35: Silver Chomp Grudge Match:
Star received after bumping Silver Chomp off the last platform.

36: Masterpiece Speedrun:
Go through the Silver chomp run againin 2 minutes.


37: Step to the Beep:
Appears atop the flipping pyramid at the end of the level after collecting 5 silver stars. It can get tricky, so try taking out the enemies first then going for the 5 stars.

88: Silver stars in Double Time: Prankster Comet
Same as the previous Step to the beep level, except this time everything is sped up. The quick step sure makes those long traverses quite tricky.


38: Bowser Jr.’s Mighty Mega Hammer:
Defeat Bowser Jr’s robot by snatching the bullets it shoots and firing them back at him in his shiny blue bits. After the blue bits are done, aim for the cockpit and then collect the Grand Star.

81: Megahammer’s Davedevil Bash: Prankster Comet
Defeat Juniors’ robot without getting hit. Again, it’s the same as all the other daredevil runs, not too hard.

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