Super Mario Galaxy 2 Stars Guide


62: The Magnificent Magma Sea:
Hop from blue star to blue star avoiding the magma monsters. Once you trvel through the two stars, hop across the stone platforms and climb the poles to get to the far side.Use the tornados to the swing and then onto the small planet.Hop from meteor to meteor until you reach the star.

63: A Stroll Down Rolling Lane:
Grab the rock power up and roll your way to the end.It can get tricky at the end when you need to bounce off two bands and then jump over the last to reach the star.

97: The Chimp’s Bowling Challenge: Hidden Star
Go to the Magnificent Magma Sea level and right at the start, before you latch to the blue star, take a leap of faith off the edge to find a pipe.Drop down to find the Chimp and he will require you to get 5000 points for the star.


64: Time for Adventure:
Once you get past the first set of spinning wheels, the next section will have you turning the level on its side.Once you do, release the Luma from its cell and zip to the next section. Follow the rolling wheels down the hill and climb in and on top of it.Grab the star at the top of the nail ladder.

98: The Ledge hammer Trap : Hidden Star
In the Time for Adventure level, right at the start there are large wheels that house coins. Make sure to grab 30 coins and then at the last large wheel, where the launch star is, drop to the ground and give the coins the to Luma who will create a new planet.Run along the ledges, timing the hammers to grab the star at the end.

109: The Adventure of the Purple Coins: Prankster Comet
Here you will have 5 minutes to gather 100 purple coins from the rotating wheels. Watch your step and make sure to clear each wheel before moving on. Once you get all 100 coins, the star will appear at the top of the last wheel.


65: Return of the Whomp King:
Make your way to the top of the hill.It’s a pretty straightforward trip with no real issues.Once you get to the top, you’ll have to deal with one Whomp and then the King himself for the Star. Take him down like the rest of the Whomps, but use his arm to jump on his back to make things easier.

66: Silver Stars in the Whomp Fortress:
This is the same layout as the previous level, and there really are no tricky silver stars to get.They are all pretty standard except for the one at the very top of the hill may be a little hard to see.Once you get all 5, grab your star at the top of the hill.

105: Whomp Silver Star Speed Run: Prankster Comet
With two minutes on the clock, you have need to perform the level all over again and grab the five stars that are scattered about. There are no clocks to pick up, so get moving and don’t stop!


67: Jumping Around In The Dark:
The lights will flash on and off here while you make your way through the house for the first part.Grab the float fruit to head up to the travel star.In the second area, there are 5 easy silver stars to grab which will lead to the Power Star.

104: Dark Octo-Army Romp: Prankster Comet
Here you will have 80 seconds to knock out 30 Octoomba’s while the light appears and disappears. Move quick and use the enemies and star bits to tell you where the path is even when the lights are off.


68: The Deep Shell Well:
One of the easy ones.Just grab shell and swim along to the end.No real tricks needed.Catch some air when needed and then use the shell to break open the chest once you reach the end.

115: The Chimp’s Coin Challenge
The chimp will challenge you to get 10,000 points while swimming under water. Grab a turtle shell as soon as you can and make sure to shine it’s light on all the enemies you can. Grab the 1up where the comet medal was as well for some extra points.


69: Mini-Planet Mega-Run:
Jump from small planet to small planet, killing every enemy on it.Once you do, you can proceed to the next and the next.Finally you will reach the planet with the silver chomps and get the star once you smash them all with the greens.

74: Snacktime for Gobblegut: Hidden Star
Give 20 coins to the Luma just after the fish tank on the mini-planet mega-run to get this hidden planet. It’s the same battle with Gobblegut as before, except this time there's tons of fire involved.Not one of the easiest battles, but at least you get a star out of it!

106: Mini-Planet Daredevil Run: Prankster Comet
For this prankster comet, you will have one life to make it through the planets. Thankfully there are two checkpoints throughout so you won’t need to start alllllll the way back at the start if you do happen to get hit. Grab the star at the end when you prove what you are made out of!


73: Bowser’s Fortified Fortress
After a whole lot of cloud jumping, grab yoshi and head past the Hammer Bros. Grab the Pepper and bolt through the opening to the far side. Hop across the pink panels and ride it to the end. Climb the flag pole at the top and get ready to fight Bowser.Use the same techniques as usual and grab the final Grand Star.

110: Bowser’s Big Bad Speed Run: Prankster Comet
Oh boy! Another speed run! Make your way through the lava and awkward jumps to find the star waiting for you at the end. You start with 30 seconds and can pick up 10 additional seconds at various places along the way. Do so, because you are going to need every second you can get. Thankfully, you don’t need to fight Bowser again though.

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