Super Mario Galaxy 2 Stars Guide


12: The Puzzling Picture Block:
Once you reach the end of this fairly straightforward level, you will have a puzzle to slide together. Once you do this, two bugs will appear. Jump on their backs to get the star.

13: Bugaboom’s Back: Hidden Star
Here is a star that you can get by paying the Luma coins. Once you do, a planet will appear and you will face off against Bugaboom. Use the cloud power to get above him and jump on his back a few times while avoiding the bombs he drops.

89: Purple Coin Shadow Vault: Prankster Comet
In this room, you will have 1 minute to collect 100 purple coins while you are being chased by clones. Don’t back track to let them catch you and it will be fine.


14: Hot-Stepping Dash Pepper:
Use the Peppers for Yoshie and burn up the ramps and walls until you reach the end of the level. The last part can be tricky to stay on the track, but a little patience and the star will be yours.

83: Silver Stars in High Tail Falls: Hidden Star
Pay the Luma 30 gold after the blue ramps and she will turn into a launch star that will send you to a small planet. Snag the silver stars from the blue frogs there and get your star.

84: Hightail Falls Speed Run: Prankster Comet
you’ll have three minutes to complete the entire run of Hightail falls. Oh and there are holes in the track and fireballs falling on your head.


15: Rock and Rollodillo:
Take out all the enemies in each section to get to the launch stars. Once you get to the large metal ball, you’ll face the boss. Handle it the same as Peewee and hit its butt with your roll move. Take it down and get your star.

62: C’mere Goomba: Hidden Star
Talk to Gearmo on the second part of the level and she will ask you to pull a Goomba over to her section. Be careful through the mud and wrangle the Goomba for a star!

28: Rolling Crabber Romp: Prankster Comet
For this star, you will have 60 seconds to roll around and smash all the crabs on the sphere. If you fail, you die. Win, get a star.


18: Fluzzard’s First Flight:
Here you will teach Fluzzard to fly. It’s very straightforward and simple. Snag your star at the end of the flight.

82: Jungle Fluzzard Race:
Come in first and get the Star. It’s that easy.


19: Bumble Beginnings
Simply make your way through the level and find the star at the end top of the clouds.

96: The Secret Wall Jump: Hidden Star
Right at the start of Bumble Beginnings, there is a swing you gab. Swing on it to the fullest to the right and jump off. Spin jump to the wall on the right and wall jump up. Keep going to the top to find the star there.


20: Catch That Star Bunny: Hidden Star:
Pay 15 coins to the Luma and then catch the space bunny by turning planet to ice and spinning to skate for the star.

21: Twin Falls Hideaway:
Freeze pond by jumping on the pad at the top of the tower and then wall jump up the falls to grab the star.

22: Exploring the Cosmic Cavern:
Go through tubes to small planet. Drill to the other side and pound jump the bug there for the key. Then dig through and fill with water to swim to star.


23: Bowser’s Big Lava Power Party:
Head to the end of the level and defeat bowser. Use the meteors he makes to hit him. Simply jump on them and then ground pound them at him. A few shots with nab you the Grand Star.

90: Lava Lair Speed Run: Prankster Comet
You start with 30 seconds and pick up clocks that add 10 seconds each. Sounds easy enough right? Hardly. Not fun at all. Use long jumps and keep moving to snag the star.

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