Super Mario Galaxy 2 Stars Guide


75: Make Mario a Star
Simply hit the blue plates and turn them all yellow.Easy right? Sure.Do it for your star.

114: Luigi’s Purple Coin Chaos: Prankster Comet
Just like the last time, the green floors will disappear from under you for good. You need to run and collect each of the 100 coins spread out here while watching out for the vanishing floors, the muck, and the gaggle of clones that is chasing you. At least there’s no time limit! Oh, I lied. You have two minutes.


79: The Rainbow Road Roll:
Keep your eye on the road and this will be no trouble.There is a split in the track near the start where the right path will give you the comet coin and a 1Up. Watch the poles along the way.

101: Purple Coins on the RainbowRoad: Prankster Comet
For this star, you will need to roll along the Rainbow road and collect 100 purple coins with a time limiot of 2 minutes. To make it tricky, there are only 110 coins on the road. Once you reach the end, make sure you have enough time left over because you will need to grab the last coin – if you need it- and then talk to Gearmo to end the challenge.


85: Spinning and spinning and spinning
Incredibly hard to grab the star. Ok, not really, Just run along the spinning blocks.Yep, that’s it.Grab the cloud power up to help make things much easier.

102: Turning Turning Double Time: Prankster Comet
Much like the first time through, except this time it is a little quicker and you will have a little help from yoshi. At the end, the star will be waiting but be quick on getting it.

Stone Cyclone Galaxy

108: Silver stars on the Cyclone
For this level, you will need to avoid the rolling blocks and grab the 5 silver stars that are scattered about. Be sure to use the time slowing buttons when you come across them and time your runs so that the box will land on you with its open mouth. Grab all five silvers and the power star is yours.

113: Tox Box Speed Run: Prankster Comet
Ack, the tox box’s are at it again. This time there is no slowing them down and you are on a timer. Grab the clocks as you move and the star will be located where the last star was previously. For a nice short cut, jump off to the right where the first thwomp is.

Boss Blitz Galaxy

111: Throw Back Throw Down
Let’s get ready to rumble! For this galaxy, you will get to face off against 5 of the bosses that were in Mario Galaxy 1. They are mostly on the easy side until you reach the last one which is a flaming version of the Dino Piranha that you face first. Beat all five and guess what? Chicken butt. I mean, you get the star.

117: Throwback Throwdown Speedrun: Prankster Comet
Start your engines! You now have a total of five minutes to defeat all of the boss that you faced here previously to get your star. They really aren’t too time consuming except for that rat bastard fiery Dino Piranha.

Flip-Out Galaxy

116: Wicked Wall Jumps
For this star run, it’s kind of the same as Flip-Swap, except that instead of flipping the floor, you are flipping out the walls. You will need to use wall jumps galore, as well as spin jumps out the ying yang to get through this level. The star of course, is waiting for you at the end, high atop a wall jump marathon.

118: Cosmic Clone Wall Jumpers: Prankster Comet
Take trip down memory lane and head through the Wicked Wall Jumps again. This time however you get some company. Reach the star at the end without the bazillion clones that are following catching up to you.

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