Super Mario Galaxy 2 Stars Guide


39: In Full Bloom: Hidden Star:
When you land on the small planet after the large floating ledge jumps, use the star on the ? box, to cover the planet in plants, and a vine will spring. Climb it and grab the hidden star.

40: Huge Trouble with Big Wigglers:
Use the travel star on the small planet where the hidden coin is, to shoot to the wiggler tunnel. Make your way to the end of the tunnel and jump to the flag pole to grab the star.

87: Big Wiggler Speed Run: Prankster Comet
Same as the Huge trouble with big wigglers level, except now you have 2 and a half minutes to complete it. Use long jumps for a better time and don’t stop moving!


41: The Sweetest Silver Stars:
Simply gather all the silver stars around the last area, with the last one being on the queens back.

80: The Chimp’s Score Challenge:
For this challenge, it is the same as the past ones. Beat the Chimp’s stomping score of 10,000 and you’ll get your star.


42: Flip-flopping in Flipsville:
Defeat Glamdozer by hitting her with the screens that you flip over avoiding her spit balls.

43: Flipsvilles New Digs:
When you get to the topsy-turvy house, collect the 5 silver stars and grab the main star in the center.

103: Purple coin Speed run: Prankster Comet
Grab all 100 of the stars that are scattered around the house. It can be a lot more daunting than it seems. When all is said and done, you should still have a few ticks left on the clock from the two and half minutes you started with.


45: Surf, Sand and Silver Stars:
Collect five stars. Most are straight forward except for the one above the ball out in the water. Use your weight to tilt the ball until the top of its peak is under the shadow of the star above. Then bounce up to get it. Comet coin is in a cave in the large pool.

46: Climbing the Cloudy Tower:
Just like the last part, except this time the door to the large bulbous tower is now open at the bottom of the pool. Enter there and hit the switch to get cloud powers and to be able to take a boat over to the towerand climb to the star.

112: Purple Coin Beach Dash: Prankster Comet
Jump on Yoshi and get your green butt movin! Here you have 30 seconds to grab 100 purple coins. No worries though. There are plenty to go around in case you miss some. Don’t rely on hitting the peppers to keep your speed up. Have Yoshi grab them with his tongue when they in range. Once you have enough, the clock stops and the star is yours.


48: Where the chomps are made of gold:
The star here takes a bit. As you get to the last section with the gold chomp rolling around, you need to clear the path for it back to the beginning for it to fall into the hole and get the star.

49: Spring into the chompwork:
Such an irritating level. It is straightforward enough, but the spring Mario is horrible to control.Grab the star at the top of the tower after the annoying chomps rolling at you.

86: Cosmic Clones in the chompworks: Prankster Comet
The same as the golden Chomp level, except this time there are a number of clones that are chasing you.


50: Bulb Berry’s mysterious Glow:
This costs 1200 star bits from the Luma on the galaxy path. Once in the level, use the bulb berry’s to get across the tasty treats.Again, straightforward but becomes a close call towards the end if you aren’t quick enough with the jumps.

107: Bulb Berry’s Purple Coin Glow: Prankster Comet
Here you need to grab 100 purple coins while chomping up some bulb berry’s to light your path. Thankfully there is no time limit, so take your time and make sure you have enough light to proceed forward. Once all 100 are gathered, nab your star!


47: Breaking into Bowser’s Castle:
A very straight forward level. Same Bowser fight as before, finished by hitting the meteors at Bowser again. Nab the Grand Star for your reward.

119: Gravity Star Speed Run :Prankster Comet
Welcome back to Bowser's. With only 30 seconds on the clock to start with, you need to make it all the way to the star without a hiccup. Once you get to the large wheel, run all way around and wall jump to get the star.

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