Super Mario Galaxy 2 Stars Guide


1. Peewee Piranhas’ Temper Tantrum:
Just make your way through the level and defeat the final piranha plant by whacking it in the butt. Simple enough.

76: Peewee Piranaha’s Speed Run: Prankster Comet
for this you will need to do the first mission over again with a 20 second time limit. You can pick up watches tat do give you10 second increases, but they are few and far between. Get to Peewee’s planet quickly and then take him out for the star.

2. Storming the Skyfleet:
Another simple and straightforward star. Just grab it at the end of the level.


3. Saddle up With Yoshi:
Grab Yoshi and go for a ride to the end of the level. The star awaits the both of you there.

4. Spiny control:
Learn how to use the Spiny Koopa shells in Yoshi’s mouth,then use the technique to finish off the boss for the star.

77: Spiny Rainbow Romp: Prankster Comet
Grab the rainbow powerup and go nuts on the Spiny’s. You have 30 seconds to take out all 30 of them.


5. Think Before You Shake :
A rather easy level to get the first star on. Simply use you shake to flip the panels in the order that you need them to appear. Not all that difficult really. The star will be waiting at the end.

91: Purple Coin Flip ’n’ Sprint: Prankster Comet
For this level, you will need to flip the plates and grab 100 coins along the way. You also only have 3 minutes to doit. At least this time there’s no clones chasing you.


6. Digga-Leg’s Planet:
Boss fight! You’ll get this star once you take down Digga-legg on his little planet. Just drill through the planet when you see the star appear under his frame. Only then will you crack it. You'll just bounce off if you hit any other part of him.

10: Silver Stars Deep Down:
Collect the 5 silvers stars and the final star will appear. Not too tough – for now.

78: Digga-Leg’s Daredevil Run: Prankster Comet
Destroy Digga-Leg without getting hit once. Pretty easy since he is one of the easiest bosses.


7: Search For The Toad Brigade Captain:
Once you reach the end of the mission, you will run into “The Chimp” He will give you a star.Expect tosee much more of him later on in the game.

99: Every Planet Has its Price: Hidden Star
While at the start of Search For The Toad Brigade Captain, try to collect as many coins as you can. There is a Luma on top of the Cloud above where you first grab the cloud power here that will ask for 100 coins. Use the pipe behind the tree and it should be more than enough. Once on the planet, just reach the top for the star.

16: The Chimp’s Stomp Challenge:
You can now return to the Fluffy Buff Galaxy and The Chimp will have a stomp challenge for you. Beat his score and he will throw a star your way.


8: The Great Crate Incinerator: Hidden Star
After talking to Gearmo in the orange pipe you uncovered in Breaking the Laws of Gravity, you can earn the star for destroying all the crates in 20 seconds.

9: Breaking the Laws of Gravity:
Try to get used to the topsy turvy gravity in here. The star will be waiting for you at the end in a tricky room of three different gravities.

10: Silver Stars Deep Down:
Collect the 5 silvers stars and the final star will appear. Not too tough – for now.


11: Gobblegut’s Aching Belly:
To get this Grand Star, you will need to hit Gobblegut’s red spots on his body. As he dives or pops out, give him a whack and once all the red spotsare hit, the star is yours.

92: Fiery Flotilla Speed Run: Prankster Comet
For this Speed Run, you have 2 minutes to take down Gobblegut. The good news is he isn’t on fire this time. The bad news is, he still takes his sweet time to attack.

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