Sundance Update: Sales and spacemen

The fourth day of the Sundance Film Festival saw several films- including TF favourite Black Dynamite sold to distributors.

Sony nabbed dynamite for a little more than $2 million, though given that quirky Sundance fare has been underperforming at the box office (Hamlet 2, anyone), the company plans to bring in a cinematic partner to help cover costs.

Much buzzed-about comedy Humpday, meanwhile, found a buyer in Magnolia Pictures, which opened its wallet for an undisclosed sum.

Moon shot

In other sales news, Brit pic An Education (adapted by writer Nick Hornby and starring Peter Sarsgaard and the lovely Carey Mulligan - best known for Dr Who's Blink episode) was the subject of a serious bidding war betwenen Fox Searchlight and the film's agency representation.

Seems that Fox wanted to pay $1 million, the agents suggested something higher. It remains to be seen who wins.

Finally, a trailer for you – this one’s from the “anti rom-com” 500 Days Of Summer starring indie darlings Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel…

[Source: Variety ]