Star Trek audio log and research item locations


Volatile Cargo Part 1: Bones' Audio Log #1

Chase the loose Gorn Lieutenant until Uhara mentions that it's heading toward the officer's quarters. In the next open room, two officers lie on the floor. This audio log is between them.

Volatile Cargo Part 1: Bones' Audio Log #2

Upon entering the large room, head right to find a large red bench where this audio log rests.

Volatile Cargo Part 2: Uhara's Audio Log #1

From your entrance in the first large room, head up the stairs and into the left corner. In these quarters, an audio log sits atop a table.

Volatile Cargo Part 2: Uhara's Audio Log #2

In the bottom right corner of the room (from your entrance) is a door with a blue panel. Head through to find another audio log atop a desk in these living quarters.

Volatile Cargo Part 2: Uhara's Audio Log #3

In the same room, there are two large staircases. Take the one heading down (it's under the one heading up) to find this audio log atop a crate.

Volatile Cargo Part 2: Turbolift Repair Kit

Facing the turbolift in the same room, head left through another blue panel door. In here, you can scan a device atop a desk.

Volatile Cargo Part 2: Quarantine Control Console

On the second floor of the same room, a console stands directly above where you entered. It can be scanned for a research entry.

Volatile Cargo Part 2: Bones' Audio Log #3

While making your way through the turbolifts, proceed until you reunite with your partner. Head down the slope and go straight to find and ammo and a med station. This audio log lies on the floor between them.

Volatile Cargo Part 2: Tribble #4

While chasing the Gorn Lieutenant through the hangar, you'll be running along a row of docked ships. Once you reach the final one (just after Scotty informs you of the blood sample analysis), turn around to find this little guy hidden among the crates next to the ship.


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