Star Trek audio log and research item locations


Vulcan Planet: Vulcan Desert Grass

Immediately after starting the chapter, look to your left. You'll be able to scan the plant life here.

Vulcan Planet: Vulcan Cactus Cluster

You'll find this just to the left of the grass patch you just scanned.

Vulcan Planet: New Vulcan Avian Scavenger

Just before entering the first building, look up at its roof. This resting creature can be scanned.

Vulcan Planet: Tribble #2

After leaving T'Mar behind, you'll step out onto a bridge. Look to your left to spot this tricky Tribble hiding under the lip of the building.

Vulcan Planet : Vulcan Corpse

Once you step into the Unfinished Tower, there will be several bodies on the floor. Any one can be scanned for this research entry.

Vulcan Planet : Unknown Structural Damage

Along the walls in the first room are several green splotches. You can scan any of these for this research entry.

Vulcan Planet : Unknown Blood Sample

Just before leaving the room, look for a red splotch on the ground that can be scanned.

Vulcan Laboratories Part 1: Helios Device (1 of 3)

Once you enter the Vulcan Laboratories (just after passing the two guard Vulcan), look left around the corner. This device is pressed against the glass.

Vulcan Laboratories Part 1: Helios Device (2 of 3)

To the right of the previous Helios Device is a desk with some computer screens. One of those screens can be scanned for the second device.

Vulcan Laboratories Part 1: Helios Device (3 of 3)

The final piece can be found in the back of the room where you meet Surok.

Vulcan Laboratories Part 1: T'Mar's Audio Log #3

As you head with Surok deeper in to the colony, stop after heading through the first door. Tucked behind the desk with the dead Vulcan is another audio log.

Vulcan Laboratories Part 1: Surok's Audio Log #2

After sneaking past the window with the Infected Vulcan, enter the room he's occupying. Take him out, and hack the door at the other end of the room. Through this door is a storage area where you'll find an audio log sitting atop a crate.

Surok's Laboratories: Surok's Audio Log #3

This is found in Surok's Laboratories. When you enter the room with the fire in front of the door, look behind the left desk to find this on the ground.

Surok's Laboratories: T'Mar's Audio Log #4

In the room immediately after the Gorn Brute fight, look left next to the dead Vulcan. This audio log sits beside him.

Vulcan Laboratories Part 2: Unknown Breaching Tool

Just after you acquire Stun Grenades, enter the next room and proceed to the end of the hall. In this area that appears to be wrapped in torn plastic, you'll find a growth you can scan.

Vulcan Laboratories Part 2: Unknown Assault Equipment

Continue until you reach a room with a small fire against the wall. To the right of this is an object you can scan.

Vulcan Laboratories Part 2: Unknown Hacking Tool

In the hallway beyond, look for a flower-like object attached to the wall. This can be scanned.

Vulcan Laboratories Part 2: T'Mar's Audio Log #5

Now head through the door across from the hacking tool. In here, an audio log sits atop a table.

Vulcan Laboratories Part 2: Surok's Audio Log #4

When crossing the room with the electrified water, make your way to the door that's not marked as your objective. In here, an audio log sits on the floor by a chair.

Vulcan Laboratories Part 2: T'Mar's Audio Log #6

In the next room, you'll be boosted into the ceiling to get inside a locked lab. Look for this audio log on the floor to the right of your entrance.

Vulcan Escape: Surok's Audio Log #5

Once Kirk's leg is healed in the medical bay, look to your right. This audio log sits atop another medical table.

Vulcan Escape: T'par Memorial

When you return to the large open area, look at the spinning rock structure near your entrance. This can be scanned.

Vulcan Escape: Sh'tok Memorial

In the center of the same room, you'll find this headstone in front of the T'par Memorial. It can be scanned as well.


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