Star Trek audio log and research item locations


T'Mar's Audio Log #1

Once you hack the door to rescue the Vulcan, look to the corner of the room near the hacking station. You'll find your first audio log here.

Vulcan Hypospray

In the same room, look at the window opposite the one near the hacked terminal. A piece of gear over here can be scanned.

Helios Engineering Schematic

When you reach the command center, look at the hologram floating in the center of the room. It can be scanned.

Surok's Audio Log #1

After taking the elevator up to the airlock, look left as you head down the hallway. An audio log sits atop a table here.

Tribble #1

Further down the same hallway is a broken door. Peek through with your scanner to spot the first Tribble on a pyramid-shaped object.

Helios Control Cluster

Once you reach the room where you meet T'Mar, you'll be tasked with reaching the emergency teleporter. As soon as you're back in control of your character, this research item will be directly in front of you.

T'Mar's Audio Log #2

Just to the left of the control cluster is a rolling table. An audio log rests atop it.


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