Star Trek audio log and research item locations

Star Trek: The Video Game is hitting store shelves several weeks before its movie counterpart, but that's no issue. In fact, the video game follows its own narrative. In addition to a new story, it also brings collectibles: audio logs and research items.

Audio logs provide back story and insight into several characters, á la Bioshock. Research items come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from important electronic devices to hidden Tribbles. Collecting every audio log and research item will net you a few trophies, but doing so will take some serious searching. Fortunately, we've search all over the universe and tracked everything down, so just follow along to snag every item Star Trek: The Video Game has to offer!

Finding every one will grant you the following achievements and trophies.


Found half of all audio logs.


Found all audio logs.


Found half of all research items.


Found all research items.


General research items are those that are not tied to a specific chapter of the game. These include enemies, weapons, and Tribbles. You can scan defeated enemy corpses or dropped weapons to gain research data. The complete list of general items is as follows:

Federation Enemies: Infected Vulcan, Federation Officer

Gorn Enemies: Gorn Initiate, Gorn Enforcer, Gorn Tech, Gorn Rusher, Gorn Observer, Gorn Scout, Gorn Warrior, Gorn Guardian, Gorpion, Dog

Gorn Advanced Enemies: Gorn Brute, Gorn Sentinel

Gorn Security: Gorn Turret, Attack Drone, Exploding Drone, Security Camera, Defense Drone

Federation Weapons: Vulcan Pulse Cannon, Stun Grenade, Starfleet Phaser Rifle, Captain's Phaser, Vulcan Repeater, Engineer Transport Tool, Starfleet Type III Rifle

Gorn Weapons: Gorn Ravager, Plasma Grenade, Gorn Marauder, Gorn Railer, Gorn Striker, Gorn Pillager, Gorn Arc Driver

Note: Tribbles are an exception to this list, with one being hidden in each chapter. Thus, we will include them in the appropriate chapter of the guide.


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