Star Trek audio log and research item locations


Arrival: Atmospheric Calibration Unit

Once you step out of the transporter, head forward to the console hub. One of the panels inside the hub can be scanned.

Arrival: Surok's Audio Log #6

Once asked to turn in your weapons, turn left and head through the green door. You'll find this audio log on the table inside.

Arrival: Starbase Command Console

When the ship is attacked, you'll resume control at the helm. The console against the glass can be scanned.

Arrival: Commodore's Chair

Turn around, and you'll also be able to scan the commodore's fancy chair.

Arrival: Daniels' Audio Log #1

During the firefight in the mess hall, head to the top floor. On the same side as the exit door, head to the table at the end of the platform to find another audio log.

Search for a Cure Part 1: Epidermal Analyzer

As you approach the first turret, you'll notice a portion of the hallway blocked by burning debris. Pass the turret, then follow the hallway to the left to make a large u-turn, bringing you to the other side of the burning debris. You'll spot an open doorway by the flames. Just inside, you can scan this object atop a table.

Search for a Cure Part 1: Neurocortical Monitor

Proceed toward freeing Bones (the room with the doors that need prying), but head opposite the doors into the next room. Along the window is another object for scanning.

Search for a Cure Part 1: Osteogenic Stimulator

This can only be obtained once power is restored to the area. One of the newly opened doors leads to a room with several medical chairs (this room can also be reached via the vents in another newly opened room in the middle of the area). On the shelf behind them sits another item ready to be scanned.

Search for a Cure Part 2: Tribble #3

When you reach the biolab, head forward to the large machine with the mine attached to its side. It's possible to scale this machine. Do so to find a Tribble hiding on top.

Search for a Cure Part 2: Walgettian Fire Blossom

Towards the ground level of the biolab, one corner of the room has a broken, flaming pipe. The console next to it can be scanned.

Search for a Cure Part 2: Yolendran Spittle Pods

On the same end of the room, but in the opposite corner from the Fire Blossom is another console you can scan.

Search for a Cure Part 2: Flowering Phistella Sporophyte

Now head to the opposite corner from the Spittle Pods to find a third console to scan.

Search for a Cure Part 2: Daniels' Audio Log #2

As you head down the first hallway toward the shuttle bay, look to your right to spot a green door. Head through and go to the back of the room to find this audio log on a shelf.

Evacuate: Survival Pack Requisition

When you cross the short bridge after the pod crashes, Gorn Rushers will charge at you from a hallway. Take them out and head down that hallway to find this along the wall.

Evacuate: Remote Comms Package Requisition

When you emerge from the hatch on the other side of the burning ship, move toward the large stack of crates near the wreckage. This lies atop that stack.

Evacuate: Daniels' Audio Log #3

Now head up the short staircase to the center area (by the red door). An audio log lies atop another crate stack over here.

Evacuate: Compact Medkit Requisition

Once tasked with reaching the power station, leap across the gap and head toward the door by the flames. On the crate next to the fire is another object to scan.

Power Station: Daniels' Audio Log #4

In the center of the ground level, you'll find a door that can be pried open. Do so and head down the hallway to find this atop a crate at the end. Alternatively, you can reach this via the hatch in the back of the room where the Gorn are playing with the door consoles.

Power Station: Starbase Comms Relay

On the walkway in the center of the room (where the Gorn Observer appears) is a console that can be scanned.

Power Station: Starbase Amory Data

In the room where the Gorn are playing with the door consoles (the same ones you need to hack), look to the consoles in the middle of the room. One of them can be scanned.

Power Station: Starbase Power Unit

When you reach the console that needs to be powered before it can be hacked, look up at the screen above it: it can be scanned.

Relay Tower: Daniels' Audio Log #5

After using the ETT to pass the first bit of debris, head to the back right of the following room. This sits atop a desk back here.

To the Rescue: Daniels' Audio Log #6

Once you land in the zero gravity section, proceed forward. In the open room where Gorn Drones attack, you'll find an audio log floating amongst the debris.

To the Rescue: Gorn Weapon Research (1 of 4)

After crossing the room with the flaming floor, you'll find some Starbase crew trapped behind flames. Use your tricorder on the sprinklers above them to clear the way. Head into the newly cleared left doorway and make another left turn to find this stack of papers on the ground just waiting to be scanned.

To the Rescue: Gorn Weapon Research (2 of 4)

Continue until you are attacked by Gorn Drones and Initiates. Just before leaving this room, look to the right of the door to spot another paper stack on the ground.

To the Rescue: Gorn Weapon Research (3 of 4)

In the very next room, head straight ahead to find another stack atop a few small stairs.

To the Rescue: Gorn Weapon Research (4 of 4)

Soon after, you'll descend some ledges into another large, flaming room where Gorn Drones attack. Just left of your entrance is a broken ramp. Head up it to find one last stack at the end of a hallway.


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