What choice did Jason Reitman have… really? When your old man is Ivan Reitman - producer of Old School, director of Ghosbusters, Stripes and the upcoming Uma Thurman superheroine starrer Super-Ex Girlfriend - young Jase wasn’t about to be fixing toilets for $40 an hour.

Jason’s first foray into the big time is Thank You For Smoking, a movie about a fella called Nick (Aaron Eckhart) who, while being a positive spokesman for Big Tobacco, must also be a role model for his 12 year old son.

The flick is due to be screened at Sundance (19 to 29 January) and is already generating some serious buzz. With William H Macy, Rob Lowe and Robert Duvall supporting Eckhart, it’s easy to see why.

Click here for a smoky preview.

Source: ( Apple Trailers )