SFX Reader Awards 2008 - vote now!

It’s been a golden year for science fiction and fantasy. On the big screen, The Dark Knight has fought valiantly against WALL-E, Iron Man, Hellboy II and that big monster from Cloverfield. On American telly, Pushing Daisies has brought quirky to the mainstream, Lost is back on form and Battlestar Galactica has continued to raise the bar for space opera. Meanwhile, here in Blighty, Doctor Who’s kept doing what he does best, Gene Hunt has moved to the ‘80s in Ashes to Ashes and the Beeb has brought the Arthurian legend to a new generation with Merlin. But what were the best movies, TV, books, comics and games of the last year?

You can have your say by voting in this year’s SFX Reader Awards. You can vote for anything you like from the last twelve months, and we also want you to say who you think is worthy of SFX’s illustrious Lifetime Contribution Award.

Voting couldn’t be easier. Simply click go to www.sfx.co.uk/vote and follow the instructions. We’ve even included a few handy hints to remind you what’s been happening in SF and fantasy land this year. What are you waiting for?

This year's awards are sponsored by fab t-shirt company Nerdoh .