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SFX Caption Competition #4

Mirror Mirror , the new spin on Snow White from director Tarsem ( Immortals ) Singh, provides us with an image crying out for a caption this week. We’re not sure how you’re going to tackle something so straight, and serious and completely lacking in anything at all silly to focus on…

Leave your suggestions in the comments section below, and we’ll pick a winner next week. And you can influence – though not dictate – our decision by using the “Like” buttons, though the judges’ decision is final.

Last week’s winner:

Flying in the face of public opinion (we can only assume this was posted late in the week and therefore didn’t get the “Likes” it deserved) we chose this short and sweet caption from ChuckRD. Our Ian, especially, was tickled by that one (probably because it’s the kind of caption he’d write). Dave G liked BigAl’s, “Baldbeardedmidgetosauraus confirmed for Jurassic Park 4 ,” (but that’s only because it’s the kind of silliness he’d write). The audience vote meanwhile, went for, “Captain Haddock, tired of his naval look, goes hip hop with his new egg white shell suit!” by Carnaby Cat, which was great but didn’t make us laugh as much as ChuckRD’s. Maybe we just have filthy minds. (Oh fear, we may have just opened the floodgates for next week.)

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