Save $50 on this Razer Seiren X mic and Razer Kraken Kitty headset Quartz bundle

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If you've ever wanted to grab a pair of those cat eared gaming headphones then check out this Razer deal that will get you the headset, and a matching Seiren mic, both in rose pink quartz with $50 off.

Those ears aren't just there for the fun of it either, as they feature reactive Razer Chroma RGB inside. That means you can choose from 16.8 million colors and lighting effects independently across each ear and headphone separately. You can even program them to react stream interactions like emotes, alerts, shout outs and more. And, despite the gimmick, there's still a good set of headphones under there with a sturdy, comfortable frame and pads, a noise cancelling mic, and the same 50mm custom tuned drivers as the Kraken headset without the ears. 

As for the Seiren, that's a USB supercardioid mic to give you control over what sound it picks up (ideally you), with a built-in shock mount to make sure any table bumps stay out of your feed. It's one of the top streaming mics out there so you know it's a good quality option - general consensus for the same price range it's this or the Blue Yeti option to give you some idea of its level.  

Kitty Streamer Bundle Quartz | $249.98 $199.99 at Razer

Kitty Streamer Bundle Quartz | $249.98 $199.99 at Razer
Save 19% on this Razer bundle which knocks 50 bucks off the Razer Seiren X mic and Razer Kraken Kitty headset when you buy them together. Head to the website and then scroll down to the "Kitty Streamer Bundle - Quartz" option to get it. 

There's more as well on the site and if you want to go the whole hog then you can get quartz versions of just about everything in the Razer range to go with this headset and mic. It's entirely up to how far you want to take it but once you've crossed the line, why stop? 

If you're after even more Razer stuff then check out our Cyber Monday Razer deals 2020 to see what else you can get to fill out your set up.

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