How to open the Resident Evil 4 eagle lock hexagon slot gate

Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagon-shaped slot gate
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To open the Resident Evil 4 eagle lock gate with the hexagon-shaped slot , you’ll need to get a special emblem key with a matching symbol. However, to get the Hexagonal Emblem that you need, you’ll have to face the bloodthirsty Ganados in the nearby Valley. While this isn’t a tricky puzzle, it’s one of many Resident Evil 4 Remake roadblocks that requires you to make a bit of a detour into danger to get what you need. To help you get through this treacherous spot and get through the Resident Evil 4 eagle lock hexagon slot gate, here’s exactly where you need to go to get the emblem and what to do with it.

Resident Evil 4 eagle lock key location

Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagonal emblem in Valley tower

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To open the Resident Evil 4 eagle lock hexagon-shaped slot gate and escape the Abandoned Factory, you need to venture into the nearby Valley area to retrieve the Hexagonal Emblem, which features an eagle symbol matching the slot. Follow the narrow path behind the Merchant’s shop and you’ll reach the Valley, which is a small, fortified shanty village packed with Ganados. The required Hexagonal Emblem is attached to a small tower on the roof of the large building on the far side of the Valley. Here’s how you retrieve the emblem and escape the Valley:

Resident Evil 4 Remake hexagonal emblem and valley map

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  1. Get to the roof of the far building and grab the Hexagonal Emblem from the short tower. There’s a walkway that leads up to the roof or you can get inside the building and climb the ladder that leads directly onto the roof.
  2. Run up the hill on the east side of the Valley to reach the crank that opens the Valley gate. Use the crank, jump off the roof, and head back the way you came to the Merchant.

While you follow those steps, you’ll be greeted by plenty of villagers brandishing axes, knives, and even dynamite, ready to murder Leon, making this simple task a bit of an ordeal. I advise that you take your time and try to kill a good number of Ganados to thin the herd, making it much easier to get around the Valley without becoming cornered. There are also plenty of breakable containers that will offer you ammo and other supplies to keep you going, so be sure to loot the Valley as you go – look out for one of the Resident Evil 4 small keys too.

How to use the Resident Evil 4 Hexagonal Emblem

Once you’ve retrieved the emblem and have escaped the Valley, you can get to work on the hexagon-shaped slot on the eagle lock gate:

  1. Head over to the Hexagon-shaped Slot on the sealed gate, and use the Hexagonal Emblem on it.
  2. Rotate the emblem so that the eagle’s orientation matches that of the slot. They should be mirror images of each other.
  3. Now turn the emblem around so that the eagle is facing towards the slot and then confirm to force the emblem into the slot. If done correctly, a little crank handle will pop out, allowing Leon to get the gate open.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagonal emblem for Hexagon-shaped slot gate

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With the gate open, you’re now free to press on towards the Village Chief’s Manor. Along the way, you’ll be able to get a Resident Evil 4 dirty pendant, but it is possible to get a valuable pristine one instead. Once you get to the manor, you’ll need to solve the Resident Evil 4 code and combination lock puzzle, followed by the Resident Evil 4 crystal marble puzzle, getting you a little closer to rescuing Ashley.

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