Resident Evil 4 Hexagon Puzzle and Pieces explained

Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagon piece b
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The Resident Evil 4 Hexagon Puzzle at the Stone Pedestal requires you to find all the Hexagon pieces in the Remake and rotate them into an image. However, the pieces aren't easily found, with their locations spread out to different sections of RE4's lake area, and even once you get them all, solving the Hexagon Puzzle isn't easy, as the image is hard to decipher even before it's broken up into pieces.

It's worth it though, as the Stone Pedestal offers one of the better treasures in the early section of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, assuming you can solve it. With that in mind, we'll cover the solution to the Resident Evil 4 Hexagon Puzzle below, and where to find Hexagon Pieces A, B and C.

Resident Evil 4 Hexagon puzzle and Stone Pedestal explained

Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagon pieces puzzle solution

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The Resident Evil 4 Hexagon Puzzle at the Stone Pedestal in the Remake is all about finding the other Hexagon Pieces to put in the Pedestal itself, then rotating them so that the Hexagon Puzzle turns into an image of Del Lago on the lake. We'll cover the locations of the Hexagon pieces below, but considering it's the puzzle that's proving trickier for most players, we'll show you how to solve that first. 

Once you have the Hexagon Pieces, take them back to the Stone Pedestal and insert them. Then, simply do the following to solve the puzzle:

  1. Highlight the middle, left, and bottom-left tiles, and rotate them once.
  2. Highlight the middle, top-left, and top-right tiles, and rotate them once.

That’s it. With those two moves, you’ll get the complete image of Del Lago and will be treated to a Depraved Idol worth 15,000 ptas! At this stage in the game, that should be enough to get you one or two solid upgrades for any of your Resident Evil 4 weapons.

Resident Evil 4 Hexagon Pieces locations

There are three Hexagon Pieces (A, B, and C) for you to find in the areas surrounding the Lake in Resident Evil 4 Remake. The first and second one can be obtained in Chapter 3, but you’ll need to progress to Chapter 4 to get the third and final piece and eventually solve the puzzle. Here are the three locations you need to search to get the hexes:

Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagon pieces A and B on map

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  • Hexagon Piece A: In the red chest opposite the Merchant’s cave hideout near the lake. The chest is pretty hard to miss, so you’ve probably got piece A already. On your way to the hideout, you will have also passed one of the Resident Evil 4 Wayshrines, which require a special key to open.
  • Hexagon Piece B: In a chest in a north section of the Fish Farm. Once you get to the west side of the Fish Farm where you pick up the boat fuel, you can wade into the water and cross under a walkway to reach a small area that has a red chest. Loot the chest to get piece B.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagon piece C on map

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  • Hexagon Piece C: In a box within the Small Cave Shrine shack. Now that you’ve defeated Del Lago and got control of the motorboat, go to the northeast corner of the Lake to reach the locked Small Cave Shrine. To unlock the shrine, you need to solve a puzzle by pressing three correct symbol buttons. The correct symbols are painted with yellow paint around the shrine, using some perspective tricks to make them harder to read. Enter the symbols, head into the shrine, and immediately turn right. You’ll spot a briefcase on a desk that holds Hexagon Piece C.

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