All Resident Evil 4 small keys locations

Resident Evil 4 small key being collected by Leon
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The Resident Evil 4 small keys locations are spread across the Remake, with eight small keys in total for players to find and use in locked drawers. While not essential for progression, Small Keys in the Resident Evil 4 Remake and the treasures they allow you to reach are a great way to load up on money for upgrades that'll make the challenges easier to deal with. Not only are these treasures valuable, but by inlaying them with jewels and gemstones, you can up their value even further and make a killing - first metaphorically, then literally with the firearms and upgrades you get. We'll cover where to get every Resident Evil 4 small key location in the game below, so no locked drawer can go unlocked by the end.

Where to find all Resident Evil 4 small keys

Resident Evil 4 small key being used to open drawers

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During my Resident Evil 4 Remake playthrough, I found eight small keys – five in the village and three in the castle. Small keys are not marked on the map, but you should pick most up with a bit of thorough exploration while on the critical path. However, if you buy the Treasure Maps from the Merchant, locked drawers containing treasures are marked on the map with the black and white diamond icon – saving your spinels for these maps is highly recommended to make this easier. Here are the locations for all eight of the Resident Evil 4 small keys and the relevant drawers to unlock:

Resident Evil 4 Valley small key

Resident Evil 4 valley small key map and abandoned factory drawers

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Resident Evil 4 weapons

Resident Evil 4 weapons remake

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As you're exploring looking for keys and treasures, you'll likely also find some of the Resident Evil 4 weapons

Once you’ve met the Merchant for the first time in Chapter 2, you’ll need to head into an area called the Valley to get a hexagonal key that opens the gate blocking your path. Drop off the fortifications into the Valley and then bear left, following the wooden plank path. Next, go down the stairs and turn right so you should be heading straight towards a shack. Go through the door and immediately turn right to loot the small key from a briefcase on a shelf.

With the key in hand, return to the Merchant and go back into the Abandoned Factory area you previously escaped. Head inside the factory office where Leon’s gear was previously stored and use the key on the drawers inside.

Resident Evil 4 Village Chief’s Manor small key

Resident Evil 4 chief's manor small key map and drawers in village house

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Shortly after the using the previous Resident Evil 4 small key, you’ll reach the Village Chief’s Manor, where you’ll find the second key. After getting inside the manor, head to the southwest corner and you can grab the small key on top of a trunk near the window. Now you’ll need to solve the Resident Evil 4 cupboard code and Resident Evil crystal marble puzzle to progress and complete Chapter 2 as the key can be used on some drawers found in the next chapter.

Now in Chapter 3, you need to follow the path from the manor to reach the village that you visited earlier in Chapter 1 – and perhaps got chainsawed in half. Head inside the middle house on the north side of the village and open the drawers inside the house.

Resident Evil 4 Fish Farm small key

Resident Evil 4 fish farms small key map and drawers in docks

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Still in Chapter 3, head to the end of the Fish Farm area where the building that you grab the boat fuel from is. Facing this building, turn left and head over to the small shack – it’s on the southwest side of the Fish Farm. Open the drawers inside the shack and grab the small key.

Head back through the Fish Farm and the boat dock to reach the Merchant in the cave. Drop down to the lower dock area in this cave and head right. You’ll find a locked drawer tucked away which you can unlock with the small key.

Resident Evil 4 Forest Altar small key

Resident Evil 4 forest altar small key map and drawers in lakeside cabin

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Into Chapter 4 now, you’ll be able to freely use your fuelled-up boat to travel to various parts of the village on the lake. To get the next key, drive the boat to the Lakeside Settlement area. Walk through the settlement and get to the gate with the Las Plagas cult insignia on it. You can use the insignia key you picked up in a previous chapter to unlock the gate and head through the cave. You’ll find another gate that leads into a small room with a dead person and a ladder. Climb the ladder to reach the Forest Altar area. Now you can grab the small key off the wagon on the north edge of the altar.

The drawers you’re looking for are found in the main cabin in the Lakeside Settlement. Head inside and find the drawers against the north wall of the cabin.  

Resident Evil 4 Church small key

Resident Evil 4 map of small key and drawers in the church

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To get the next Resident Evil 4 small key in Chapter 4, you need to gain access to the Church that Ashley is being kept in. As soon as you’re inside, head to the altar and look on the table on the right to find the small key.

Now head back out the church and go around the left to access the side room that you probably used earlier to save at the typewriter. There are some drawers tucked in the corner of this small room, so use the key you just grabbed to unlock them.

Resident Evil 4 Castle Bindery small key

Resident Evil 4 castle bindery room small key and drawers map

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Skipping ahead to Chapter 8, the next Resident Evil 4 small key is found inside the Salazar castle, specifically in some corridors between the Bindery and the Castle Battlements. Solve the Lithographic Stones puzzle to open the Bindery’s exit and follow the corridor. You’ll eventually go up a short flight of steps and will then emerge into a small room with lit candles inside. Look left and you’ll find the small key on a crate by the window.

Now you need to head back to the Bindery, specifically towards the entrance door. You’ll find some drawers near the fireplace and the suit of armor that you can unlock using the small key you just collected!

Resident Evil 4 Grand Hall small key

Resident Evil 4 map of small key near grand hall

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In Chapter 9, you can grab a small key in the Grand Hall area of the castle. Go up the steps at the end of the hall so that you end up on the north side of the Grand Hall’s upper level. Now, head through the wooden door that should be on your right. You’ll go into a dark room and will find a drawer in the far-left corner which contains a small key.

Resident Evil 4 map of audience chamber drawers

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Carrying on down this corridor leads you to the Armory, but you could backtrack to the Audience Chamber to open the locked drawer found against the north wall. Make sure you head through the extra door in the Merchant’s Grand Hall location so that you can use the castle train that takes you directly to the Audience Chamber for a shortcut!

Resident Evil 4 Ballroom small key

Resident Evil 4 ballroom small key map and drawers near castle battlements

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Even though you first reach the Ballroom in Chapter 10, you won’t be able to access the visible Merchant’s shop until the beginning of Chapter 12. This area is also where you’ll find the train that takes you to the Clock Tower and the final Resident Evil 4 small key. Head to the east side of the room and you’ll spot a briefcase on top of a table – inside the case is where you’ll get the small key.

You’ve got to do a fair amount of backtracking to reach the Castle Battlements and unlock the last set of drawers for some treasure. Start by opening the gate into the Ballroom proper, then head to the battlements via the Grand Hall and then the Courtyard hedge maze. Once you reach the battlements, go inside the first tower and bear right. You’ll find the drawers tucked behind a wall panel near a bright light.

With that, you’ve got all the Resident Evil 4 Remake small keys and all the drawers they unlock. This should provide you ample Pesetas to spend on the Merchant’s wares. Make sure you also check out how to get all the Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Dolls too.

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