Resident Evil 4 Remake code for the Village Chief's cupboard

Resident Evil 4 code for the cupboard combination
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The Resident Evil 4 code for the Village Chief's Manor cupboard combination lock in is hidden in a text upstairs, a section of a holy book called Iluminados 4:3, where the clues to the lock are found. RE4 doesn't have many combination lock puzzles where codes are needed like this one, which may explain why this one can be a little bit of a sticking point, considering the riddle-like nature of the code and the fact that there's four clues provided for three sections, which can throw people. Nonetheless, we'll explain how to get the Resident evil 4 combination lock for the cupboard inside the Village Chief's Manor, and get the treasure inside below, as there's no way to progress without it.

Resident Evil 4 Remake code solution for the Village Chief's Manor

Resident Evil 4 cupboard combination

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The downstairs cupboard with the combination lock in the Village Chief's Manor in Resident Evil 4 is opened with the following code (also displayed in the image above):

  • Crops / Pig / Baby

Once you've entered the code, just hit X/A to confirm your entry, and the cupboard should pop open, revealing a crystal ball inside that serves as part of another puzzle. 

The clue telling you this is, as mentioned, the page from the book upstairs: Iluminados 4:3. There's a section of scripture with certain words highlighted: crop, swinehead, pig, babe. Rather than being an obscure homage to Babe: Pig in the City, these are telling you the code mentioned above, though the redundant double-use of highlighting "pig" and "swinehead" is a little confusing. Nonetheless, however you get to the answer, just enter the code mentioned above, and you'll be able to progress.

Once you have the cupboard open you'll find yourself in the possession of a strange glass ball you'll need for the Resident Evil 4 crystal marble puzzle.  

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