Where to find vipers in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 vipers Remake
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The Resident Evil 4 vipers locations in the Remake are essential for the Viper Hunter request or side quest, but the game doesn't give you a lot to go on for where to find them. Fortunately, not only are a there a fair few viper locations spread around the game, there's actually a place where you can farm vipers infinitely and complete this blue note in a single go! We'll cover where you can find vipers in Resident Evil 4 Remake below, and you can snake out those snakes with ease.

How to find vipers in the Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 vipers Remake

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The best place to find vipers in Resident Evil 4 Remake, assuming you're going for the Viper Hunter request, is the Fish Farm to the Northwest side of the lake. You'll come here as part of the game's central plot, and not only do vipers spawn here but they respawn here - giving you a reliable supply you can farm. So while you can find vipers both before and after this point, there's no need - simply grab them all here and sell them to the Merchant at the next chance you get. They can appear anywhere in this area, including the wooden platforms, land and the water - look out for some telltale ripples that give them away (although that can also be fish).

Vipers themselves can be spotted by their telltale yellow pattern, though they move quickly and can be a little hard to kill. While it's possible for a fast player to stab them with a knife, it's often easier to use a pistol shot. And be careful! If a viper coils up, it's about to lunge and do damage. It's not much, but it hurts nonetheless.

Any vipers you don't sell or use for the challenge can be eaten to regain health, similar to fish or chicken eggs. Keep in mind that they'll be an infrequent occurrence throughout the rest of the game, so keep an eye out - especially when they appear in the wreckage of broken crates and barrels.

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