How to get the Resident Evil 4 Wayshrine key in the Remake

resident evil 4 wayshrine key
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The Resident Evil 4 Wayshrine key - specifically called the Old Wayshrine key in the Remake - is found in Chapter 4 after Del Lago, next to the second boat. It's not too hard to find, and while going back to every Wayshrine in RE4 Remake might be a little bit of a trek, it's worth doing, as the Old Wayshrine Key will allow you to break them open and get the treasure inside, a valuable gain that'll leave you far better equipped for the many, many challenges ahead. For that reason, read ahead for where to find the Old Wayshrine key in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, as well as every Wayshrine location in the game.

Where to get the Resident Evil 4 Wayshrine key

Resident Evil 4 Wayshrine key location

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Wayshrines in the Resident Evil 4 need the Old Wayshrine Key found in Chapter 4, South of the Lake, after killing Del Lago, at the location shown on the map above.

Specifically, it's found at the location marked on the map above, a small shrine that you'll encounter while following the path around from the Southern dock and through the other shrine with the two stones hands. Pass through that and you'll see the little wood structure with a box inside - open it to get the Old Wayshrine Key. This key can be used indefinitely to open all Wayshrines, so don't worry about it being destroyed or lost like the Resident Evil 4 Small Keys you find - this one has infinite uses and can open all the Wayshrines on its own.

Side note - you'll also be able to get the Resident Evil 4 Red9 not long after this moment! Just follow our guide to see how.

Resident Evil 4 Wayshrines reward

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All Resident Evil 4 wayshrine locations and rewards

There are five Wayshrines in the Resident Evil 4 Remake: 

All of them contain treasure - items that serve no function other than to be sold to the Merchant for Pesetas. Admittedly, that's definitely helpful, as you'll be able to buy new gear and upgrades, but you won't be missing out on any Resident Evil 4 weapons by not buying them. Nonetheless, with five of them to find, we'll lay them out below.

We've laid them out in roughly the order you can encounter these Wayshrines, though you'll find a lot of the Wayshrines in advance of actually finding the key in Resident Evil 4 Remake, forcing you to backtrack and get most of them in an order of your choosing. Make sure you open all the Wayshrines before the end of Chapter 6 too, as you won’t be able to backtrack to any areas of the village beyond from Chapter 7 and beyond.

Farm Wayshrine

Resident Evil 4 Farm Wayshrine map

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  • Reward: Antique Pipe

The first Wayshrine is in the Farm after the Village Square, back where you were forced to learn how to survive the village in Resident Evil 4. Check around the North side of the barn to find it.

Lakeside Settlement Wayshrine

Resident Evil 4 Lakeside Settlement Wayshrine map

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  • Reward: Pearl Bangle

Further ahead is an area filled with bear traps and dynamite-slinging villagers called the Lakeside Settlement. To the left of the house at the back is a small cave with the Wayshrine inside.

Quarry Wayshrine

Resident Evil 4 Quarry Wayshrine map

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  • Reward: Butterfly Lamp

The Quarry connects the Church and the section of the Lake where the Merchant sets up shop. On the path between the Quarry itself and the Merchant, you'll find this Wayshrine waiting.

West Lake Caves Wayshrine

Resident Evil 4 West Lake Caves Wayshrine map

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  • Reward: Splendid Bangle

There's no official name for this area, but if you take the boat to the furthest Western point of the caves on the Southwest side of the Lake, there'll be a small stone bit of land with the Wayshrine, as well as a loose piece of Alexandrite.

Checkpoint Wayshrine

Resident Evil 4 Checkpoint Wayshrine map

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  • Reward: Elegant Headdress

Heading towards the Castle, you'll find the Checkpoint, where you battle the two Chainsaw Sisters. Go into the house where they surprise you, head upstairs and take the Southwest exit along the raised path to the last Wayshrine.

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