How to get the Red9 in the Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 red9
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The Resident Evil 4 Red9 - sometimes called the Red 9 - is one of the RE4 Remake's best handguns, with the range and damage of a rifle when upgraded. It's located in the Lake area and can be obtained after you kill Del Lago, and we highly recommend doing just that, as the Red9's power makes it a gamechanger against the forces of Salazar and Saddler. We'll explain how to get the Red9 in Resident Evil 4 Remake below, and how to get the stock attachment that makes it even better.

Location of the Red9 in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 red9

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You can get the Red9 in the Resident Evil 4 Remake by taking the following steps:

  1. Play the game until Chapter 4
  2. Defeat Del Lago and reach the boathouse.
  3. Circle past the cave mural and the box containing the key to the Resident Evil 4 Wayshrines.
  4. Get in the new, undestroyed and fueled boat and drive to the wreck of the fishing boat in the middle of the Lake, marked above. Dock at the South side of the wreck.
  5. Follow the outside of the boat around to the front, at the West side.
  6. Here you'll find a chest with the Red9 inside!

It's a handgun, so won't take up much space in your inventory. However, once you have it, go back to a typewriter and go stick any other handguns from the Resident Evil 4 weapons list in storage, as this is by far and away our favourite - especially once you make a key modification and add the stock.

How to get the Red9 stock attachment

Resident Evil 4 remake red9

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The Red9 stock can be bought from the Merchant once you reach Chapter 6, after completing the house defence sequence with Luis. It's an attachment bought in the trade menu for 9 Spinels, and while it'll take up more space in your inventory, it's worth it, especially if you've got a lot of Spinels from doing requests like the Resident Evil 4 blue medallions, as it's an incredibly useful gamechanger that turns the Red9 from a good option into a great one. The downside of the Red9 is supposed to be recoil - the weapon kicks like a mule on every shot to compensate for its high power - but the stock effectively negates that element, making it far more precise, while still keeping the damage that approaches that of a shotgun. 

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