PS5 DualSense Edge pre-orders still live at PlayStation Direct: bag your premium PS5 controller now

PS5 DualSense Edge pre-orders
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PS5 DualSense Edge pre-orders are still running live and stock is holding strong by the looks of it. 

Cutting to it, this is a PlayStation Direct exclusive on both sides of the Atlantic so for US folks head over to the US store to place a DualSense Edge pre-order for $199.99, and for those in the UK head over to that storefront to get a preorder nailed down for £209.99. It's not too surprising to see options so limited - even the God of War DualSense preorder situation echoes that somewhat. You can also buy replacement stick modules for $19.99 and £19.99 respectively.

The premium controller offers a multitude of customisation options and competitive edges (get it?) that set it aside from the regular DualSense controller. While the price tag has raised a fair few eyebrows - especially when compared to Xbox's Elite Series 2 and Elite Series 2 Core controllers - it is an official Sony product and looks to have all the features you could want or need. The controller won't be out until January 26, but placing a PS5 DualSense Edge pre-order is the best way to ensure you'll have maximum time with the pad.

This is likely to be one of the best PS5 accessories and PC controllers you can buy this generation, and paying for the Sony quality will be worth it for a lot of folks. If you've wanted a symmetrical, premium, customisable, and competitive-focused gaming pad this year, then today's DualSense Edge pre-orders could be the best way to achieve that. 

Pre-order PS5 DualSense Edge controller - USA


PS5 DualSense Edge controller | $199.99 at PlayStation Direct
With the UK going first and revealing that it's a PlayStation Direct store exclusive we reckon this is the best place to go right now in the USA for a DualSense Edge pre-order. It's not listed on the accessories page just yet, but that's where it'll be.


Check stock at Amazon
And again in the UK, it'll pay to just check Amazon in case any stock arrives there. If not, you'll likely find the best price going on other DualSense controllers and accessories too.

Pre-order PS5 DualSense Edge controller - UK

PS5 DualSense Edge controller | £209.99 at PlayStation Direct

PS5 DualSense Edge controller | £209.99 at PlayStation Direct
This is a PlayStation Direct-exclusive in the UK which means it's likely to be the same in the USA when links go live. Head over to the Direct store now to pre-order your DualSense Edge.


Check stock at Amazon
It's always worth a look to see if stock arrives at Amazon that might enable a DualSense Edge pre-order at that mega-retailer. If not, then it's always your best bet for price cuts across the wider PS5 accessory range too.

Today's best PS5 accessory deals

If you've already got your fill of DualSense controllers then you can always look to bolster your other accessory options. Check out some of the latest, lowest prices on some of the best PS5 deals below.

When can you pre-order the DualSense Edge?

Right now! You can go ahead and place your PS5 DualSense Edge pre-order literally right now at PlayStation Direct! This is great news for those of us who have been waiting to nail down the official premium controller at the earliest opportunity.

Remember, it won't land with you until January 26th, but this'll be in hot demand and we expect stock to run out soon. You can jump straight to the right place with the links below.

USA - PS5 DualSense Edge pre-orders | $199.99 at PlayStation Direct
UK - PS5 DualSense Edge pre-orders |
£209.99 at PlayStation Direct

How do I place a DualSense Edge pre-order?

Nailing down a DualSense Edge pre-order is incredibly simple now that the pre-order launch has gone off without a hitch and stock seems to be holding. All you need to do is the following:

- Head over to PlayStation Direct
- Sign into your PlayStation account
- Click the 'Add to cart' button
- Finish your purchase like any other transaction

It really is that simple! And it's the best way to get the newest official controller that will offer loads of flexibility and competitive edges this generation.

For UK readers, the process is exactly the same but you need to head over to PlayStation Direct UK!

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