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PS5 Camera pre-orders are live - here's where to get yours

PS5 HD Camera pre-orders
(Image credit: Sony)

Want to get the PS5 HD Camera to go with your console? You can now put down a pre-order ahead of its November launch. Priced at $59.99 on Amazon in the US or £49.99 on Amazon in the UK, it's one of the few PS5-related items still available. As such, we'd be surprised if the deal lasted long - with the console itself hitting such big stock issues (good luck trying to secure a PS5 pre-order right now), we don't think its accessories will have much better luck.

It's the latest in a line of next-gen accessories that are now hitting online retailers; you can also grab DualSense pre-orders for a second controller or Pulse 3D headset pre-orders to take advantage of the PS5's superior sound. While PS5 Camera pre-orders aren't quite as exciting, the device is every bit as useful. Namely, it's ideal for streaming.

That's because the HD Camera on PS5 captures you in 1080p with dual wide-angle lenses. It also boasts a background removal feature. As per the Amazon listing, "you can add yourself to your gameplay videos while broadcasting in picture-in-picture mode, with the ability to crop the background or lose it completely with a green screen".

Happy to wait? It could well get some discounts in Amazon Prime Day 2020 or this year's Black Friday deals.

PS5 Camera pre-order - US

PS5 HD Camera pre-order - UK

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