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PS4 Cyber Week deals 2019

PS4 Cyber Week deals 2019
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The deals aren’t over. There are plenty of PS4 Cyber Week offers to get excited about now the dust has settled on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Retailers are cutting prices on games, bundles, controllers, and accessories, so if you missed out on something over the weekend, then chances are it’s probably still available – and we’ve rounded up the best PS4 Cyber Week deals for you down below.

But you’ve got to be quick. While we’re constantly updating the PS4 Cyber Week page (so bookmark and keep checking back!), the deals aren’t sticking around for long. If you see something, it’s about time you snap it up before it’s lost forever. Cyber Week may last all week, but the discounts are constantly on rotation or being pulled entirely. If you have your heart set on something – such as a PS4 Pro – and it’s at a price you’re happy with, then you’ll want to be adding it to your virtual cart ASAP. Speaking of which, here’s today current best PS4 Cyber Week saving.

Best deal today

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DualShock 4 PS4 controller | $38.99 at Walmart (save $21)
Want to replace your current PS4 controller? This Walmart offer knocks a hefty chunk off its list price, while stocks last.

We've got all the best bundle deals at the top of this page, with all the cheapest prices on PS4 games and accessories - like the best PS4 headsets - below that. In all, if you're looking to go PlayStation and get yourself fully kitted out, there is everything you need right here. And if you need more advice, we've got a list of the best PS4 games ever, so you can decide how to start building your game library. Finally, if you need more space to store all your games, be sure to check our guide to PS4 external hard drives, for an affordable way to expand your storage.

Best Cyber Week deals across the web

Best PS4 Cyber Week deals

PS4 Pro | $317.95 at Walmart (save $80)
The PS4 Pro is the most powerful PlayStation yet, offering 4K capabilities that the Slim version just can't. This is just the console on its own.View Deal

PlayStation VR bundle with 2 games | $329 at Amazon
You get this kit, with all you need to go VR on PlayStation, for a great price. You're saving close to $100 on the list price for this one.View Deal

Days Gone PS4 | $27.21 at Amazon
Winner of the Golden Joystick Award for best storytelling, Days Gone is one of the best zombie games from 2019. View Deal

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4 | $49.94 at Walmart (was $59.99)
The latest instalment in the famed Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare takes the series back to its gritty roots and $10 off is a very decent price.View Deal

Borderlands 3 on PS4 | $34.99 at Amazon (was $59.99)
This is $25 off the digital version of the latest Borderlands, which is a cracking deal, especially considering it only launched in September.View Deal

Battlefield 5 on PS4 | $14.96 (was $59.99)
While you're never going to pay 60 bucks for BF5, this is a fantastic value for the game which is still thriving well after launch.View Deal

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition (PS4) | $19.99 at Walmart (save 50%)
If you're looking to spend 150+ hours in an RPG over the holidays, then this is the one to get. Sure, it's older, but it holds up perfectly and it remains massive and immersive.View Deal

Best Cyber Week PS4 Pro console deals

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If your budget can stretch to it, the PS4 Pro is where you want to invest your cash. It's the only PS4 able to display games in 4K resolution, and it's packed with more powerful tech that improves how they look and feel. Check out the widget below to see all the latest, lowest deals.

Best Cyber Week PS4 Slim console deals

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The PS4 Slim is the ideal entry-level console; it's affordable, sleek, and plays every current PS4 game in 1080p HD (it also moonlights as a Blu-ray player). Yes, this particular model can't display games in 4K unlike the PS4 Pro, but it is a whole lot cheaper. If you're new to PlayStation and/or want a gift in time for Christmas, the Slim is perfect.

PS4 Cyber Week accessories

Cyber Week is also a great opportunity to pick up some must-have accessories at a much lower price than normal. That includes headsets, controllers, hard drives, and more. We've rounded up the best of them here.

DualShock 4 PS4 controller | $38.99 at Walmart (save $21)
Want to replace your current PS4 controller? This Walmart offer knocks a hefty chunk off its list price.View Deal

PS4 Wireless Platinum | $116.96 at Walmart (save $24)
This is easily one of the best gaming headsets for PS4. It also packs some brilliant features that make the price worthwhile.
Compatible with: PS4View Deal

WD My Passport 4TB HDD | $119 at Amazon (save $11)
WD are arguably the best when it comes to hard drives, and this one is excellent value - it's got all the storage you'll need.View Deal

PS4 Cyber Week games

Although a lot of the best Cyber Week bargains revolve around hardware or accessories, you can also get some excellent game deals if you keep an eye out. We've got the ball rolling with the best offers out there right now. 

The Outer Worlds | $39.99 at Best Buy (was $59.99)
Obsidian's latest sci-fi RPG is another must-play, and even though it's barely a month old, it's already $20 off. View Deal

Days Gone | $27.21 at Amazon
The PS4's latest zombie epic drops you in the wilderness with nothing but a bike, your ingenuity, and a horde of monsters at your back. Can you survive?View Deal

Borderlands 3 | $34.99 on Amazon (was $59.99)
The original looter-shooter returns, and it's every bit as bold and brash as we'd hoped for. You can pick up a copy here for half price, so do!View Deal

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice | $39.98 at Amazon (was $59.99)
Sekiro is the grappling hook samurai Dark Souls you didn't know you needed. It's one of the best games of the year, and a steal at this price. View Deal

PS4 Cyber Week deals - when are more coming?

The PS4 Slim with 3 game bundle is hugely popular

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday now gone, you can look forward to extra PS4 Cyber Week deals from December 3 'til December 6. In fact, you can expect discounts on PS4s, games, accessories, and just about everything else that can be sold at retail to start rolling out into the weekend. Do some research, and see how much you can save.

This is the time of year that your plans will pay off, because if you see something that looks good, you'll want to snap it up ASAP before everybody else can buy out the stock. As an example, last Cyber Monday, some deals pushed a PS4 Slim with Spider-Man for £199, when the game was only a couple of months old, and it sold out in a matter of minutes. You need to be sharp and if you know you want a console, just grab one early.

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