The best PS Plus deals in April 2018


PS Plus has gone from a luxury to pretty much a necessity for PS4. Not only does it let you play online but it also treats you to a stack of completely free PlayStation Plus games every single month. There's even a stack of exclusive discounts just for being a PS Plus member, meaning it can pay for itself exceptionally quickly. This makes a subscription an essential part of your gaming budget for the year. But what are the best deals  on PS Plus?

While you can of course buy your PS Plus direct from Sony on your PS4 and set up a repeat subscription, there's actually a more budget friendly option available. If you're looking to spend less, you can shop around and find both 12 and 3 month subscriptions below RRP from various retailers. Just like a game card, you'll get a 12 digit code to redeem on the PlayStation Store. Without further ado, here are the cheapest PS Plus subscriptions right now. 

Best PS Plus deals on 12 month subscriptions

Best PS Plus deals on 3 month subscriptions 

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