The best PS Plus code deals (September 2018)

PS Plus code

Getting PlayStation Plus membership unlocks the true potential of your PS4. A simple PS Plus code will give you 12 months access to Sony's online world, allowing you to play all your PS4 games online, against other people, and take advantage of all the free games you get every month. Sony promises at least two free PS4 games every month for PS Plus members, and you can keep these games for as long as you own a membership, giving you loads of time to play them. You also get exclusive discounts on other game and movie downloads on the PlayStation Store. Given that a PS Plus code costs about $50 / £40 for the year... that's great value for money.

We believe that you should still look for a bargain when subscribing to PlayStation Plus for 12 months, so we've put together this buying guide to help you find PS Plus codes a little cheaper. After all, you can buy a new code at any time and simply add it to your account, stacking the new 12 months of membership on top of what you already have left. So, say you have 4 months remaining on your PS Plus membership - buying and adding a new 12 month code will mean you now have 16 months left! In other words, when you see a bargain price for a new 12 month membership... you really should get it. Chances are you'll get to download some of the best PS4 games over the coming year, and having the ability to play online titles like Fortnite is absolutely essential. So here are the best deals on PS Plus codes - both 12 and 3 month memberships.

Here are the free PS Plus games currently available for PS Plus members!

Best PS Plus code deals - 12 month subscriptions

The most cost-efficient way to buy a new PS Plus membership is to get a 12 month subscription. It's cheaper than buying several 3 month codes, and you don't have to worry about it running out for a whole year. Retailers tend to discount 12 month codes more often, so you can get the biggest savings on the normal prices too. Once you've bought a 12 month subscription all you need to do is get the code - either on the card you receive, or the email from the retailer - and enter it in the 'Redeem Codes' section at the bottom of the main menu in the PlayStation Store. You'll find that on the far left of your PS4's menu. Once you've added the 12 digit code, the membership will be automatically applied to your account - very simple. 

Best PS Plus code deals - 3 month subscriptions 

So you're wary of a full subscription and just want to try Sony's online service for a few months? That's cool. Just grab a 3 month subscription and you can decide whether or not to top-up later. Don't forget that if you go for a 3 month and decide that you want the full 12 month sub straight away, you can buy a 12 month subscription and it'll automatically add to your 3 months. So, in essence, you'll have 15 months of PS Plus all paid for! Ideal for snapping up all those upcoming PS4 games.

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