The best PS Plus deals for 2019

Cheap PS Plus code deals for PlayStation 4

If you want to game online, you’ll need a PlayStation Plus subscription. While this might be seen as a bit of an imposition, you often get great value in terms of what's on offer through the service, and there are often deals to be had to get you the cheapest codes out there. That’s where we come in, as this page will be updated frequently with the best deals going. As well as the online access it grants, you’ll also get a handful of great games every month - February’s games are For Honor and Hitman: Season 1 which are fabulous titles to download for free now and to play for as long as you have an active subscription. On top of this you’ll also get exclusive, sometimes further, discounts on other titles in the PS Store. 

It’s worth noting that the PS Plus subscriptions stack so you can always take advantage of deals as the length of subscription you get will just go on top of what you’ve got already. Already have two months left? Add another 12 to make it 14, and so on. Stack your subscriptions like you stack your skills.

Deals on cheap PS Plus codes can be hard to find, so it’s best to know who are the go-to vendors and the kind of offers that might be out there. It’s possible to find PS4 Pro deals or PS4 bundle deals that include a free subscription period but this is by no means a regular add-on. It might feel like a bit of a mundane acquisition but it’ll give you access to all things online and get you a rounded and complete PS4 experience.

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Best PS Plus code deals - 12 month subscriptions

The most cost-efficient way to buy a new PS Plus membership is to get a 12 month subscription. It's cheaper than buying several 3 month codes, and you don't have to worry about it running out for a whole year. Retailers tend to discount 12 month codes more often, so you can get the biggest savings on the normal prices too. Once you've bought a 12 month subscription all you need to do is get the code - either on the card you receive, or the email from the retailer - and enter it in the 'Redeem Codes' section at the bottom of the main menu in the PlayStation Store. You'll find that on the far left of your PS4's menu. Once you've added the 12 digit code, the membership will be automatically applied to your account - very simple. 

Best PS Plus code deals - 3 month subscriptions 

So you're wary of a full subscription and just want to try Sony's online service for a few months? That's cool. Just grab a 3 month subscription and you can decide whether or not to top-up later. Don't forget that if you go for a 3 month and decide that you want the full 12 month sub straight away, you can buy a 12 month subscription and it'll automatically add to your 3 months. So, in essence, you'll have 15 months of PS Plus all paid for! Ideal for snapping up all those upcoming PS4 games.

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