Pokemon GO Palkia Raid counters and everything you need to to defeat it

pokemon go Palkia
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Some Pokemon GO Palkia Raid counters will help defeat this powerful Pokemon. Like its counterpart Dialga, Palkia in Pokemon GO is a powerful addition to any trainer’s Pokedex. However, it’s a Legendary Pokemon so players will need a plan before going into battle in a Palkia Raid in Pokemon GO. Palkia, one of the box Legendaries of Generation 4, is a Water and Dragon-type making it tough to damage because of its lack of weaknesses. This makes preparation extremely important and that’s what this guide is for.

Also, with the start of the Ultra Unlock Part 2 event, any Palkia encountered and defeated in Raids have a chance to be a Shiny. The event marks the debut of Shiny Palkia and the probability of encountering it is increased during Ultra Unlock Part 2 so trainers will want to jump into as many Palkia Raids as possible. To do that, trainers will need to bring a special group of counters to up against the Space Pokemon. Here’s everything Pokemon GO trainers need to know about Palkia in the mobile game including which Pokemon are best to face it and what moves it can learn. 

Pokemon GO Palkia counters

pokemon go Charizard X

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As mentioned above, Palkia is a Water and Dragon-type Pokemon making it only weak to Dragon and Fairy-type attacks. Luckily for trainers, there are plenty of powerful Dragon types to take into battle, especially Legendaries. However, there are a few Fairy types in Pokemon GO that are also exceptional choices for Palkia counters.

If you’re looking to bring a Mega Pokemon into battle, there are a couple of options that will help you and any trainer who joins you in a Palkia Raid. Mega Charizard X is the best Dragon Mega option. With the fast move Dragon Breath and the ability to boost other Dragon types, its damage output outpaces that of Mega Ampharos. 

Trainers looking to bring a lot of Fairy types into battle in a Palkia Raid, Mega Altaria is a Dragon and Fairy-type so it can boost both Dragon and Fairy types when brought into battle giving you and other teams the ability to overpower Palkia no matter if you decide to use Dragon or Fairy-type moves. Here are some other great counter options for Palkai in Pokemon GO:

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Pokemon GO Palkia Counters
RayquazaDragon Tail and Outrage
DialgaDragon Breath and Draco Meteor
SalamenceDragon Tail and Outrage
PalkiaDragon Tail and Draco Meteor
ZekromDragon Tail and Outrage
Mega Charizard XDragon Breath and Dragon Claw
GardevoirCharm and Dazzling Gleam
TogekissCharm and Dazzling Gleam
Mega AltariaDragon Breath and Dazzling Gleam
DragoniteDragon Tail and Dragon Claw

Pokemon GO Palkia moveset

Being a Water and Dragon-type, Pokemon GO trainers should expect Palkia to bring Dragon and Water-type moves into battle in Raids. Palkia only has two options for a Fast Attack and they are both Dragon types. This is helpful as a bulky Fairy type like Togekiss can tank the not very effective hits and build up its its own Charged Attack. 

As for Palkia’s Charged Attack, there are a number of different attack types the Legendary can use. Half of the time, Palkia will use one of its Water-type attacks (Aqua Tail or Hydro Pump), which most Dragon types will resist. However, if Palkia brings Draco Meteor into battle trainers’ Dragon types will take a lot of damage. 

Here are the attack combinations Palkia could bring into battle in Pokemon GO Raids: 

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Pokemon GO Palkia Moveset
Fast AttackCharged Attack
Dragon BreathDraco Meteor
Dragon TailAqual Tail
Row 2 - Cell 0 Hydro Pump
Row 3 - Cell 0 Fire Blast

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