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Paranormal Activity 7 reportedly premiering on Paramount Plus in 2021

Paranormal Activity
(Image credit: Paramount/Blumhouse)

Paranormal Activity 7, or whatever it ends up being titled, is reportedly set to premiere on the Paramount Plus streaming service sometime in 2021.

As THR (opens in new tab) reports (thanks, Bloody Disgusting (opens in new tab)), ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish recently revealed big plans for Paramount Plus, which will be the new home of several high-profile movie premieres. One of those, Bakish says, is a new Paranormal Activity movie slated to release this year.

"New original movies like Paranormal Activity and The In Between will premiere on Paramount+ by the end of '21," Bakish said. "All of this is a preview to a substantial ramping up of original movies next year, when we expect to begin averaging an original movie a week in 2022."

We first reported on the existence of a seventh entry in the Paranormal Activity series back in 2019, when the release date was set for March of 2021. Obviously, something happened (likely the whole pandemic thing) to delay its premiere, but now it seems we're still safe to expect the new Paranormal in 2021.

Curiously, THR reported (opens in new tab) just a few months ago that the Paranormal Activity reboot was scheduled for a March 2022 premiere, which seemingly conflicts with today's news. This can be explained by two distinct possibilities; either Paramount simply moved the release date forward, or it's working on two different Paranormal Activity movies, possibly the reboot and a sequel or spinoff. More likely it's the former.

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