Our disc picks of the week

Andy recommends... Sleeping Beauty: 50th Anniversary Edition

Disney’s cursed princess scrubs up nicely for her half-century – and she’s now available in a special, plasticky pop-up tin to gaze at in appalled disbelief for a few seconds. Still, don’t let the fluffy trimmings distract from this timeless tale of fragile goodness, mindbending evil and the redemptive power of ‘true’ love. The creamy, flowing animation shows why John Lasseter is so keen to revive Uncle Walt’s old 2D dept.

Sam recommends... Iron Man

It’s a critique of Western attitudes to the war on terror, it’s a Burger King advert, it’s a spluttering star bursting back into bright light, it’s a fistful of ice cubes swirling in a scotch glass, it’s a relationship held at His Girl Friday speed, it’s a perfect one-liner. It’s Iron Man. It’s f***king awesome.

Chris recommends... Rock 'N' Roll High School

Maybe it breaks all kinds of journalist integrity by recommending a film because of the soundtrack, but when it’s based around The Ramones no one should care.

With hits such as Pinhead, Teenage Lobotomy and Blitzkrieg Bop spread across the ninety-six minute long movie, and segments unofficially directed by Jerry Zucker and Joe Dante, Rock ‘N’ Roll High School is the perfect Roger Corman movie.

This release includes a commentary with the man himself, plus a documentary including new interviews with everyone involved. Gabba gabba hey.