New Super Mario Bros. 2 star coins walkthrough

World Six

Stage 6-1

1: At the fifth map marker, you can find the star coin sitting on top of the grey stone platform. Run along the bricks to the left before the POW block is hit and simply jump up to grab it.

2: At the fourth map marker past the checkpoint, you will be going across some appearing grey blocks. When you reach the coin encased in the same grey blocks, wait for the walls surrounding it to be hit by the falling meteors. When there’s an opening, hop in to grab it.

3: When you are right near the end of the level, go to the right side of the stack of blocks that you would normally jump off to hit the top of the flag. Jump up from the ground while against the wall and there will be a hidden block there that will release a vine. Climb up and you will find the final star coin.

Stage 6 - Haunted Mansion

1: When you enter the mansion, go to the right and drop down the opening that appears. Go through the yellow doors on the right and hit the ? Switch to move the block above. Follow the ledges up to the coin.

2: When you reach the top door that leads to a lower door with a ? Switch, go through to the left all the way and try to open the door there. A ? Switch will appear on the bricks to the right and will open the ceiling. Hop up to the door there and go through. Drop down but stay to the right. On the second platform down, there will be another ? Switch that will lower the blocks in front of the star coin.

3: For the final star coin, you will need to go back to the two doors above and below each other and go through the top one and then hit the ? Switch. Now go into the upper door again and go to the right when you come out of the bottom one. Run to the far right and there will be a door and a large Boo. Get the boo to move and you will see a ? Switch on the platform where he was. Hit it and a door will appear to the right. Go through and the floor and ceiling will separate. Wall jump your way up and you will find the final coin there.

Stage 6-2

1: The first coin you will find at the sixth notch on the map sitting atop a platform. Before you reached it, there was a ? Switch that would drop a spring down to your skeleton ride. Use the spring to bounce up and grab the coin.

2: The second coin will be found in the second area after going through the pipe. Look to the ceiling of the area and you will see the coin surrounded by a wall of bricks. Simply jump up to break them and then jump up again to get in and take the coin.

3: the third and final coin of the area is located on the right side when your skeleton ride starts to raise up in the lava and the Bob-ombs start to drop. Grab a Bob-omb and carry it over to the stone blocks guarding the coin and when it explodes, hop in and grab it.

Stage 6-A

To find this stage, you will need to find the hidden exit in stage 6-Haunted Mansion. When you reach the third star coin in the Haunted Mansion, simply keep wall jumping up until you reach the door at the top. It will take you outside and to the red flag.

1: Once you drop down the red pipe, go to the fifth notch on the map and the coin will be floating in the air. Bounce off of the Drybones below to be able to reach it.

2: The second coin can be found directly to the right of the previous coin. As you jump across the platform, you will hit it.

3: At the ninth notch on the map, you will climb up a couple ledges and come to a set of three bricks and a Drybones on top of them. Grab the Super Leaf from the center block and then run and jump to the left. When you land on the platform there, continue to the left to find the coin.

Stage 6-B

1: Hop on the third platform and each time you jump on it, it will change direction going up and down. Ride it downwards and then give it a little height when you are near the bottom. Keep the platform in the lower half of the screen and you will see the first coin around the fourth notch on the map.

2: Continue to ride the same platform, going up and down as needed to avoid platforms and the lava. When you reach the end, hop over on top of the two blocks to the left of the green pipe and a hidden block there will reveal a vine. Climb it and ride the platform there to the right, avoiding the wall and platforms to get the coin on the far side.

3: Just past the checkpoint flag, you will hop on another platform. Much like the first one where you kept it on the lower half of the screen, try to keep this one on the top half of the screen. When you reach the far side of the area, just past the giant cannon, you will reach the final coin.

Stage 6-3

1: The first coin is at the sixth notch on the map and will require you to hop over to the right side of the coin. Wait for the mushroom platform to expand and then drop down on it. Crouch, and when the platform contracts, it will pull you along with it. Simply jump up and grab the coin from there.

2: Just past the checkpoint flag, you will come to a short yellow pipe that a mushroom platform expands and retracts over. Drop through the pipe and the coin will be inside the room here.

3: Once you exit the yellow pipe from the previous coin, hop on the blocks to the right and again going upwards to reach the top of the screen. Jump across on top of the ceiling and continue right, past the yellow pipe, to find the final star coin hidden there.

Stage 6-Tower

1: Hop up the platforms and stick to the right side as much as you can. When you come to the fifth notch on the map, the first coin will be in the narrow shaft on the right.

2: When you reach the checkpoint flag, there will be a wooden door to the left side. Butt-slam down on the fire jet to turn it off and then enter the door. Inside the room here, there will be a ton of fire jets. Make your way up the center of the room by jumping from block to block. When you reach the top, the second coin will be in the center.

3: After you exit the room of the previous star coin, ride the platforms up while avoiding the flame jets. AS you get closer to the top, there will be a jet against the right side wall. Hit it as you pass under it and then jump on top of it to enter the green pipe. Once inside the room there, hop on the circling flame jets to reach the top of the room and grab the coin on the right side.

Stage 6-4

1: Right at the start of the stage, go to the left and you will find the first star coin there.

2: Just before you reach the checkpoint, there is a lone block with a crow and a Boo around it. Hop on the brick and jump up to hit a hidden block there that will sprout a vine. Climb up and hop over the three spinning blocks to grab the second coin.

3: At the fourth notch on the map after the checkpoint, you will come to a gap that has four ghosts circling it and the coin below. When the ghosts are just going off the screen, drop down and then wall jump back out.

Stage 6-5

1: At the sixth notch on the map, you will see a yellow platform with two spiked balls on it and a red pipe above. Wall jump to the pipe and enter and you will come to a brick filled room. Simply run to the right and jump to get the coin. It may get a little tricky with fireballs coming at you, but jump when you first see the coin without slowing down and you’ll get it no problem.

2: Just after the checkpoint, you will come to the second coin that is encased in bricks. Jump on the yellow platform above it and stand on the left side to lower it. When it is lowered, the spiked ball will roll down and break the bricks allowing you to reach the coin.

3: At the fourth notch on the map after the checkpoint, you will come to two yellow platforms, the upper of which having the final coin between two spiked balls. Angle the lower platform so that you can run up and jump to the upper, and then angle the upper to make the balls roll off and easily grab the coin.

Stage 6-Boswer’s Castle

1: Go to the third notch on the map and you will need to jump up through an opening in the ceiling just above the fire jet shooting upwards. If you have the Super Leaf, this jump is much easier to make. Once you get up in the ceiling, go to the right to grab the coin.

2: Once you go through the wooden door, there will be a green moving platform you need to ride. Hop on it and watch for the coin coming up. When you see it, jump to the platform it is on and wait for the green blocks to show up again to get back on them.

3: At the second notch past the checkpoint flag, you will see the final coin below a platform of blocks that will fall. Wait for the flash to go off from the Koopas and then hop on the platform and let it fall. When it does grab the coin and immediately jump back to the left to avoid getting turned to stone.

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