New Super Mario Bros. 2 star coins walkthrough

World Two

Stage 2-1

1: Immediately before the checkpoint flag, there are four rotating blocks. Use the upper-most two blocks that rotate to form a long platform, and run along them to the right. Jump off when you reach the end to reach the light brown stone above. When you land on it, the large coin will be directly above.

2: For the second coin, go through the yellow pipe just below the checkpoint flag. Once inside, grab the Golden Flower from the block and use it to turn all the brick blocks into coins. When you reach the exit to the far right, the large coin will be on a stone platform surrounded by bricks. Turn them to coins and hop up to grab it.

3: When you exit the pipe from the previous large coin, immediately look to the left and above the music key blocks, the large coin will be floating beside a Koppa troopa.

Stage 2-2

1: The first coin can be found simply by head to the right. It will be sitting above a platform at the first Hammer Brother that you reach, about 5 notches on the map across.

2: Once you reach the second Hammer Brother, just past the large red ring, hop across the first angled platform and then drop in between the next set. Below them will be a yellow pipe you can drop down. Inside will be the coin along two boomerang Brothers.

3: When you hop out of the previous pipe, go to the right a couple steps to find another Hammer Brother. Go up the lift, and up and another to find a Fat Hammer Brother. Go to the left of him and across the gap to find the final coin there.

Stage 2-3

1: Just past the checkpoint, you will come to a set of gold platforms going up and down with a Pokey shuffling back and forth. If you have a power-up, then take it out and then grab the blue Buzzy Beetle who will drop from atop the pipe to the right. Use the shell to hit the POW box on the side of the wall and destroy all the bricks blocking the second pipe. Go through the lower pipe and then use the Buzzy Beetle in the next room to clear the piranha plants in the narrow shaft. Drop down the left side shaft to get the coin.

2: When you exit out of the room you were in for the previous coin, grab the Buzzy Beetle to the right and hop up on top of the bricks to the left. Toss his shell and it will hit the POW block there to destroy the rest of the bricks covering the coin down below you.

3: Once you have grabbed the second large coin, go to the right, to where the three gold platforms are rising and lowering and jump off the far right one while it is at its apex. Run across the top of the blocks and continue across to the right, go upwards and you will come to the third coin there.

Stage 2-A

1: The firs coin is located near the 5th notch on the map. You’ll want to take the upper platforms rising upwards until you come to a platform that is facing to the left. Hop on it and it will take you right to the first coin.

2: The second coin can be a bit tricky. It is located right under the checkpoint but to get it, you’ll have to hop on the platform to the right and jump platforms going up until you reach the stationary platform with the red turtle. Grab his shell and then walk off the edge to the left and follow the platform pillars down to the platform below. You’ll land on the same platform where the checkpoint is, where you just came from, and you can now toss the turtle shell at the floating coin to the left.

3: Follow the same route as the moving platforms took for the last large coin, although this time, continue to go up. Just after the red turtle, you’ll need to hit the block there to reveal a P Switch. Hit it and then quickly jump on the platform and hop across to the next to reach the large coin. If you don’t jump fast enough, the blocks will switch back to coins and without a Super Leaf, you won’t be able to reach the final large coin.

Stage 2-B

To get to this stage, you will need to enter Stage 2-Haunted Mansion and make your way through to the second star coin. Just past it, drop down the ledge to the lowest point and then go to the far left and jump to reveal a hidden box that has a vine inside it. Climb the vine to exit and you will come to this path.

1: At the sixth map notch, you will come two cannons firing out Bob-ombs. Hit the Bob-ombs and let them land near the bricks blocking the star coin below to destroy them. Grab the coin once an opening has been made.

2: As soon as you hit the checkpoint flag, walk off the edge of the platform and sink into the quicksand with the coins. You will come to a cavern where you will then need to bounce on a Bob-omb while they are on top of the hill to blow the top off it and reveal the star coin.

3: At the third notch on the map past the checkpoint, the final coin will be in the air between two hills. Simply bounce off one of the falling Bob-ombs to reach it.

Stage 2 - Tower

1: Right at the start, hop up the brown stones and then you will need to slide and crouch to the left side to reach the first coin there. Stand on the center block as it goes up and down, and when it goes up, then run to the left and slip under.

2: As you pass the checkpoint, you will come to a wooden door on the left. Enter it and hop your way up to the left hand corner at the top of the room to find the large coin there.

3: The third and final of this level is right at the end, just before you enter the large doors to fight the mini-bosses. Just before the doors will be a set of stones that come down with spikes on the ends. Go to the far left and wall jump up the side of the stone when it is down. Get to the platform at the top and then make your way to the right when the stones are down to find the coin there.

Stage 2 - Haunted Mansion

1: When you are in the haunted Mansion and the giant Boo is following you, you will come across a few more boo’s. When you reach the second smaller one, the large coin will be on a platform to the left of the stairs going up.

2: After you pass the staircase, the second coin will be under a walkway that you will need to move the large wooden block to the left of it to reach. Stand on the block and it will slowly lower. Once it gives you enough room, jump down the opening and then up the ledges to reach the coin.

3: Once you reach the third set of bouncing blocks, the coin will be along the ceiling floating and spinning back and forth. Make sure to face the Boo’s and the large Boo while trying to grab it.

Stage 2-4

1: At the 5th notch in the map, near the center of this area of the pyramid, there is a small opening that you can slide through to reach the coin on the other side.

2: After you reach the checkpoint, go to the right and down a little to find a Pokey mulling about a yellow pipe. Go down the pipe and there will be a gold ring and a lot of Goomba’s. Rack up as many kills as you like and then butt-slam the brick where the platforms start to go upwards. Once that brick is broken, you can walk towards the platforms going up, but fall through and go down to find the large coin there.

3: Once you exit the yellow pipe, go up and to the right and you will come to a long, narrow, drop down that is full of coins. Hop over it and there will be a narrow opening against the wall that will allow you to drop down to a room where the final large coin is.

Stage 2-5

1: Just after you start the level, you will come to a wall of bricks with the first large coin behind it. You will need a power-up to get through such as the Super Leaf to tail spin through.

2: When you reach the sixth notch on the map, you will be at a chain chomp on a long yellow peg. Butt-slam the yellow peg three times to drive it into the ground and the platform will lower and the chain chomp will be free. Now that the platform is lower, you can enter the red pipe there and get the large coin inside.

3: At the second notch on the map after the checkpoint, walk off the yellow blocks below and continue to go down until you can see the large coin to the left of the Chain Chomp. You can either choose to run past the Chomp or take him out to get the coin. It’s your choice.

Stage 2 - Castle

1: Just after the third notch on the map, you will be cruising over the lava on a platform. The first large coin will be above the two rotating platforms there. Hop of the moving platform to the higher of the two and simply jump over to grab the coin.

2: Just after the check point, pick up the spring from the Question Mark block and carry it over to the platform that will take you over the lava. The large coin will be circling the air just a bit to the right, so place the spring down and then bounce on it when you see the coin spinning.

3: Once you have the second large coin, pick up the spring and carry it with you until you are at the 13th notch on the map. To make it even easier, just look for the red pipe in the ceiling and then place the spring on the platform underneath it. Bounce up to the pipe and enter. Once inside, you will need to hit the far left block to make a P Switch appear. It’s easier to make the coins appear and then hit the P switch turning them into blocks so that you aren’t on a timer to make your platform to reach the top middle of the room where the large coin is.

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